YouTube Marketing: Five Critical Mistakes Your Company Can Make While Uploading Video Content


Take a look at some crucial mistakes you need to avoid, while using YouTube as your ultimate video marketing tool.

Mistake 1: treat it like advertising

Probably one of the biggest mistakes YouTube marketers are making is overselling. Rule number one: whatever videos you post representing your company, they shouldn’t feel like an advertisement. YouTube is all about getting people’s engagement. Don’t get into it with a limited perspective. Try to consider online video as a tool that can do more than simply advertise your specific products and services, aiming to sell them to more people. People on YouTube want to consume and share engaging content, so an obvious, aggressive sales pitch is the last thing they want. Everything you post should stand for something unique in your company, something inspirational, meant to get some reaction from your viewers. Sometimes the very concept of provoking thought or even laughter can weigh more to a YouTube marketing campaign than the very idea of determining people to make a purchase.

Mistake 2: ignore the entertaining side of your video campaign

Why not face it, YouTube users are there to be amused in the first place. Then, if the content they are being exposed to is entertaining enough, they may consider the commercial value of it.  Also, users are more likely to share a video they find funny or interesting than any other type of video. This type of social media involvement can be extremely effective, but only if you recognize the fundamental differences between it and more professional environments, like LinkedIn, for instance. If you don’t commit to the entertainment side of your video, don’t expect your audience to commit to the promotional side. Focusing too much on the sale will yield the opposite result.

Mistake 3: Have unrealistic expectations

The first step of your video marketing campaign is to think very thoroughly why you’re on YouTube and what you want out of it, and then you will need to adapt the content and the delivery strategy appropriately. However, it is advisable to start with lower expectations about the success of your video content on YouTube.  Don’t expect to see sales going up overnight. Also, sliding to the other side of the expectation scale, don’t lower your expectations too much. The success of your video campaign will depend on how good a video is, how easily it can go viral and bring in leads, and not on how big or small your business is.

Mistake 4: Not distribute your video properly

Keep in mind that on any given day, you will find a full load of high-quality company made videos out there, and these are probably managing more than a few thousand views. Yes, your content may be very good, but on top of everything, you need to have a promotion and distribution plan. Also, the best idea would be to use your other company pages on Facebook and Twitter to promote it.

Mistake 5: Use old content over and over again

One of the aims of your social media marketing campaign is to establish yourself as an authority in the eyes of your clients, to show you have something to say to your potentials. This is what will bring you more leads. It will be a big mistake to just focus on old videos that you consider successful and not make any new ones. The truth is information becomes dated very quickly these days, which is why it’s important to create new videos as often as possible.

What you need to remember is that YouTube is a place where millions of videos are available every day, so chances are more and more videos illustrating the same area of expertise will appear periodically. Keep it diverse; keep it short and entertaining for your viewers and your success in video marketing is ensured.

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