YouTube Content: How Leveraging the Power of Well- Done Business Videos Can Bring You Leads and More


The key is not uploading a lot of video content for your social media strategy; the key is getting the winning strategy for your needs. Actually, a lot of companies can find huge growth potential in leveraging the power of YouTube, even when they are not uploading videos. But how, you will ask? Simply by creating yourself a community on YouTube. Read more YouTube facts below that can help you leverage your YouTube business presence.

Participation is necessary for community.

There are many small businesses out there that have leveraged their YouTube community with success. The thing that you need to do is engage your users in a variety of way. Be present, answer questions posed in videos and comments. Leave your own comments on other people’s videos. Generally, try to be helpful rather than sales oriented. The impact can be really impressive, because users will appreciate the sincere effort of becoming a part of a community. This will drive more awareness and potential customers back to the business.

Of course, you can simply upload videos and get views and maybe even build some buzz for your business. But don’t be fooled by that. The real power of YouTube, as a social media channel is in referral, reviews that come from the community. This will eventually bring about leads and sales. But the trick is to be prepared to spend time on it, to become more than simple outsiders who occasionally drops by to produce a video.

Users judge others’ identity based on content

The truth is a lot of YouTube viewers don’t want to be `sold something, or at least not too obviously. Actually, the same thing goes with Facebook fans. Another thing is that there are already so many companies out there producing spam content and mailing them to subscribers. Many of these will end up banned from the YouTube community. YouTube is all about people communicating with other real people, who may or not become their clients in the end. But if they see that you are not trying to sell, and you are more interested in sharing interesting content with them, teaching them useful things, your community members will follow you anywhere. And they will always identify your company with the videos you posted; this is why your image can have a lot to gain but also a lot to lose if you aren’t extra careful about what you post.

Videos that users associate with themselves are the videos that go viral.

In order for community to exist, users must have a form of identity. And all those users who will be joining your own community will be those who have something to learn from your own experience or at least they are hoping they will learn something useful. Your community members are those who will need your services and products in the end, but maybe they just don’t know it yet. They are brought together by the same ideas and ideals. So whatever video content you create, have them in mind. They are the end users of your tips, your informational or educational content, so make sure your product relates to who they are. In this way, these members will be recommending your video further and this will bring in more potential leads.

The thing that you must definitely keep in mind out of all this is that, if you want to leverage and make use of YouTube’s real power which lies in  quality referrals, good customer reviews and why not, actual leads and sales.

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