You Can Be A Superstar Writer This Year - We Will Tell You How

Everybody can write. But not everyone can be a writer. Fortunately, being a writer is not a gift magnanimously bestowed by nature on certain select few. Just like every other skill, writing is something that can be learned. All you have to do is follow our tips, and you can start your journey as a content writer in 2022.

So, here is our list of ten tips.

Step 1: Read, read, and then read some more

If you want to be a better writer, you have to read every day. It does not matter what you read, as long as you expose yourself to different styles, genres, and niches. Read whatever you can get your hands on; articles, blog posts, product descriptions, landing pages, books, ebooks, whitepapers, you name it! There is no better way to get acquainted with the world of writing than jumping right into it.

Step 2: Write Everyday

Start by writing a little bit every day. Make it a habit of starting your day with one small writing piece. Practice makes perfect, and the more you write, the easier the process will be. As time goes by, you will find that your writing will flow seamlessly and naturally, and you will no longer strive to put your thoughts onto paper. If you need inspiration on what to write, try the 750 Words tool. It will give you a topic to work on every day, and you will have to deliver it by the end of the day. The tool offers you the opportunity to make your response public or keep it private. Even if you choose to go private, you will still have access to the responses of several other writers to get inspired.

Step 3: Venture out as a Blogger

Blogs are an excellent way to get you started. Sure, a writer must follow some blogging etiquette and basic rules, but if you choose to start your blog as your personal writing space, you are free to be as creative as you wish. Letting your thoughts freely flow will foster your creativity, inspiration and improve your writing by leaps and bounds.

Step 4: Approach A Controversial Topic From Various Angles

As a writer, you will not always get to choose what to write about, and you will not always 100% agree with what you are asked to write. Therefore, gradually ease yourself into the world of writing by approaching a controversial topic from various angles and producing several writing samples. Practice writing one debated topic from one perspective and then re-write the whole thing from a different perspective. This exercise will force you to become more versatile and flexible in your writing, so you will be able to complete whichever topic is thrown at you.

Step 5: Enroll in an Online Writing Course

Perhaps one of the best ways to jumpstart your career is by enrolling in an accredited writing course. There is an abundance of writing courses out there. We suggest taking a look at our Iris Academy Writing Specials, designed to help the beginner writer skyrocket his career.

Step 6: Ask Your Friends For Honest Critiques

A dedicated writer will write, edit, re-write and edit some more until he is pleased with the result. It is, therefore, impossible to be objective about our own writings since we know that we have produced the best writing we possibly could. As a result, we need a friend who will give us an honest critique of our writing pieces and perhaps offer a tip or two on how to write with more clarity.

Step 7: Invest In Writing Tools and Software

Nobody is perfect! Even renowned writers make mistakes. The genuinely fantastic pieces of writing you encounter are the ideal balance between a great mind and great writing tools. If you want to produce stellar pieces, you must absolutely invest in writing tools and software. There are plenty to choose from; the most popular ones are Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Hemingway, Surfer.

Step 8: Get Connected

Nobody can understand the struggles of trying to make it in the content writing world, except perhaps, another writer. We all need a writer friend to support us, lift us, help us get through the day, inspire us and push us to move forward when we despair. If you want to be a writer in 2022, you need to connect and create your own group of writer friends who will help you nib bad writing habits in the bud and embrace good ones.

Step 9: Set Up Your Workspace

The beauty of being a content writer is that you can set up your workspace wherever you want. Your office for the day can be your favorite cafe, beach, living room, or garden. The flexibility is alluring, but you should set up a permanent workspace and not fall into the trap of wandering around. If you want to be productive, you must set your workspace and try to work from it.

Step 10: Decide Why You Want to Become a Writer

If you want to be a writer in 2022, you need to sit down and have an honest talk with yourself. Why do you want to become a writer? Is it because of all the perks that come with it? Or is it because you are truly passionate about it? If you are in it just for the benefits, then you might as well forget it.

Sure, writing can be a fantastic job, but the world of content writing is much like a jungle and the survival of the fittest game. So you need to decide why you want to become a writer. If it is something you love, you will fight for it, and you will pour your labor of love until you succeed. But if you don’t, the minute you are faced with nightmarish clients and trust me, there are plenty of those out there, you will run away as fast as you can.