Writing Content For Twitter- How Do You Get Noticed?

Twitter is powerful social media, but newcomers often wonder what they can do within 280 characters. The answer is….a lot!

Whether you have just heard of Twitter, or you are trying to grow the Twitter influence of your brand or personal account, let us walk you through some tips for writing content and getting noticed on Twitter.

Create an Interesting Bio

Your bio is as important as your tweets. People want to know more about you before they follow you. You can only use 160 characters in your Twitter bio, so use them well to convey all the essential information.

Tell them who you are, what you do, and why they should look forward to your thoughts and opinions. If this is your business account, mention your product or services and your USP. Incorporate your brand personality in your Bio. And remember that Twitter Bios get indexed by search engines, so you can also utilize SEO in this space. You can also use hashtags in the Bio but use them very sparingly.

Put up a suitable profile picture; don’t leave that column empty as you will end up looking like a spammer. Also, include the link to your web page in the Twitter bio.

Write Relevant Content

Now, this brings us to our main point- how to write engaging content for Twitter. Many find it the character limit a challenge. But Twitter is a great tool, and you can use it skillfully to boost your content.

  1. Write posts that are relevant to your business or area of expertise. Share your opinions on the latest industry trends and news. Show your support to causes you care about or promote an upcoming event.

  2. Don’t over market yourself. It is okay to put up marketing posts once in a while, but don’t use Twitter primarily for sales purpose. It’s not the right platform for it.

  3. However, Twitter is the place to be for building your brand persona. If you want to know what you or your business stands for, you can do that through your tweets. Connect with your followers, and give them a chance to know who you are.

  4. Mix your own posts with relevant posts from other sources or blogs on Twitter. Retweet what thought leaders have to say about a trending topic. You can also share inspirational posts and content as it resonates with a vast set of audience.

  5. You cannot write big chunks of texts here. Save them for your blog, and share the blog posts on Twitter. You can also share videos. Write catchy captions on Twitter and lead the viewers to a landing page where your main content is.

  6. Whenever you share a link alongside your tweet, make sure it is a shortened one so that a long link doesn’t eat up the character limit,

Humor and Puns

Among all kinds of social media, Twitter is a ‘pun’ place to be! Humorous tweets and puns enjoy a lot of popularity. However, the humor should be appropriate and relevant. Stay away from phrases or jokes that might be deemed offensive.

Use Hastags and Viral Words

Use trending hashtags or viral phrases to get attention. Hashtags allow the interested audience to discover you, and blending viral words into your tweets lets you ride on the latest trends.

Some examples of viral words are-

  1. Superlative words- ‘the best’, ‘the most’, etc.

  2. How to phrases that explain something

  3. Imperative words like ‘make’, ‘see’, etc. that ask the audience to do something

Add An Image

Use a suitable image with your tweet to grab more eyeballs. Visuals get more attention than texts; according to Buffer, tweets with an image get 35 percent more retweets. So find a relevant picture or a GIF to go along with your tweet.

Engage With People

If you want to shine on social media, you got to be social! Talk with people to develop good connections and greater following. In fact, if you are not a very famous personality or brand, you should engage more than you broadcast. Follow important people in your niche, and leave genuine comments on their posts. Retweet when you like their tweets. They will take note and follow you back.

Also, users who ask you questions or leave their comments- take time to acknowledge or answer their comments. Use a friendly tone and foster conversations. You can also structure your tweets in a way that encourages engagements, eg. ask people about their experiences or opinions, etc.

Appreciate Social Media

If you are someone who doesn’t really like social media or actively despises it, there is a little chance of you succeeding on the platform. To be successful on social media, whether its Twitter or Instagram, you must use it frequently, observe and utilize its different features, and leverage social media trends.

Not just Twitter, you must also be active on some other platforms too. Cross-platform content sharing is really important to boost your virtual presence.

If you don’t like social media, and you think replying to comments or interacting with others is a pain, then it’s really not your place to be.

Check Your Twitter Analytics

You should check your Twitter Analytics often to see what kind of tweets are getting more traction. The insights can help you improvise your content and tweet more of attention-grabbing stuff.

Keep an eye on your follower growth, number of clicks, as well as conversion. Also, take note of the kind of interaction you get from your followers.

Wrapping It Up

Twitter is a great place to be if you want attention and interactions. Perhaps you can spend some time observing the tweets of established brands, bloggers, popular personalities, etc. It’s a great social media platform for building your image. Don’t let the 280 character limit overwhelm you; there are many ways to say more with less!

Think creatively, and start tweeting!