Writers’ Tips: The Anatomy of a Great Web Page

Content writers always want their written masterpieces to be read from start to finish. If readers come to the webpage but don’t stay long enough and navigate through the page to read what they’ve written, it can be disheartening. Webpage creation and management is indeed an arduous task. What then is the anatomy of a great webpage?

While it is impossible to create the perfect one (where readers will want to visit, share, react to again and again) there are some things you can do to make it near-perfect. Here are writers’ tips on the anatomy of a great webpage.

Loading time

Internet speeds have improved so you must make sure your webpage loads fast. Remember, your visitors are impatient and their attention spans are short. You can always use a page speed checker like Google’s PageSpeed Tools. From there, you can work on improving page speed for desktop and mobile users.


It is the first thing visitors observe about your site. How easy was it to go from page to page to find what they want in your site? Did they feel lost or that they’ve visited the wrong page? In other words, was it a waste of their time? Difficult or confusing navigation within your site will make them leave.

Clear readability

Once your readers are hooked by something on your site, they now want to explore. How do you keep them glued? Start by having a clear layout. What they were there for should be understandable and readily available the minute they land on your page. Some consider typography a big deal in keeping readers. Typography doesn’t only involve the fonts, but also the color, sizing, paragraph margins, line heights, kerning, etc.

Graphics design and color

No one wants to be overloaded with information. Sometimes, the webpage’s beautiful design is what’s making visitors come in, stay, keep reading and come back for more. The design involves layout, white space and a harmony between message and design. Also, not all visitors will react the same way with certain colors. Use colors properly for your target audience. For example, if you target women, you may use blue or green. Plan your color scheme choices properly because colors have different meanings and symbols to different people.


It’s King after all. A great webpage has great content because it gives the answers to visitors’ questions and it anticipates potential questions of visitors. Do this to avoid frustrated visitors. Mediocre content will waste customers’ precious time. Too many topics will confuse them. Also, keep in mind correct grammar, tone, punctuation, etc. Use the proper calls to action and other vital information.

With very engaging, informative and unique content, you distance yourself from the rest and you gain attention. Visitors want to know that your site is reliable and trust-worthy, user-friendly and credible. And content plays a major role.

Writers’ tips

These are pointers that content writers and webpage designers must use together. Be patient and don’t rush a good webpage. Always respect your readers by giving them a site with beautiful elements and honest content. In return they will reward your webpage by trusting it, returning to it, sharing it and eventually buying the products in it.

Now that for sure is worth the wait.