Writers’ Tips On How To Put Together A Solid Content Plan

Yes, content is KING. And we all want to make our king look good. So we need to prepare a plan for our king! Why? Because content keeps us in business. It is what drives traffic to our business or drives it away.

But each start of the year, we gather our content team and with good intentions and writers’ tips, come up with a strong content plan. Somehow, somewhere along the middle of the year, we realize our plan may not have been followed or something went wrong. We see our metrics and we wonder: What happened? What was wrong with our plan?

The importance of a content plan

Marketers need to realize how important it is to come up with a solid content plan before doing any kind of marketing. Remember, it is with our content that we communicate, persuade, encourage and thank our customers.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

-Alexander Graham Bell

We all know that every business has a goal and to achieve that goal, you need to create a content plan that involves creating high quality content, publishing it at the right places and at the right time. You therefore, maximize the opportunity for your customers, prospects and even merchandisers to see your content. This is the essence of your content plan – it is knowing what you will say, when to say it and who will get to read it.

Here are tips for online writers 2017 to come up with a great content plan:

Step 1 – Do your planning

Most businesses fail because they didn’t consider doing a content marketing plan. Collect and organize all your ideas in such a way that they answer these questions:

  1. What are your content goals?

  2. What are your content topics?

  3. What are your buyer personas?

  4. How do you want to promote your content?

  5. Who will be doing the writing?

  6. What is the best format for your content?

  7. When do you need to produce your content?

Step 2 – Create your content

And so everything is ready. Now’s the time to create your content. One of the best writers’ tips is: be consistent – with the tone of voice of your brand, infographics, imagery, memes, etc. Customers do get turned off if they see one thing different from a previous post. Keep in mind your ideal customer. Make sure that he sees consistency with every piece of content on your website.

Some types of content include:

  1. Lists

  2. Case Studies

  3. EBooks

  4. Reviews

  5. Webinars

  6. White Pages

  7. Quizzes

  8. Polls

  9. Guides

  10. And many more

Step 3 – Distribute your content to the right people

Now with all that content seen on your site, it’s time to do the most important step in a content plan: Distribution. It is the best way to widen your reach by getting it to the right people who will read your content and promote it.

Who can help?

  1. Social Media – Who else? But make sure it is the correct social media platforms.

  2. Promoters – These can be your existing customers who already love your product or service and can spread this love even further.

  3. Influencers – Ask the big names to give you a little shot in the arm. It is best to know a few of them even before you create your content.

  4. Colleagues, family and friends – They are behind you all the way and they know your product very well so why not ask them to help.

Step 4 – Analyze your content

Without doing any kind of analysis, you wouldn’t know if you plan is working or has failed right from the get-go. Analysis will answer questions like:

  1. Is my content being shared?

  2. Am I using it on the wrong social media platforms?

  3. Am I getting any leads?

  4. Which types of content are actually making a sale?

Track all your data to be able to edit, continue and finalize your content plan. Every month, you should take a look at it to see where you stand and do the appropriate responses to your metrics.

Step 5 – Do it all over again

As they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And if something’s working out for your company, do it all over again. You must’ve planned something right. All you need to do is look ahead and see what improvements need to be done.

So get on with it and start your planning

You will see the progress of your plan once you start reaping the benefits. It will be much easier to manage your content marketing strategies in the long run. If you need further assistance on create a solid content plan, give us a quick reply.

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