Why Do Writers Write? 7 Motivation Tips to Keep You Hooked Up On Your Trade

What do accountants, chefs, teachers, lawyers, designers, tellers and marketers have in common? They all want to write a book. The list of would be writers includes everyone, and not just the people we just mentioned. Each one of us is made up of many different experiences, dreams and aspirations, that no two stories can ever be identical. We all know that if we find a way to share our story, someone out there will connect with it.

Recently, more people are finding their way to develop as writers, either for leisure or professionally. Technology and telecommute jobs are giving anyone the opportunity to try their hand in writing.

Don’t forget that in a sense, all of our social media accounts are mini journals of our daily experiences.

Writing is one of those activities, that for many of us, might initially feel intimidated by. Many writers get a later start in their careers because they feel someone else can say it better than them.

Remember what Richard Back said: “A professional writer is an amateur who never quit.”

No one else can say it exactly like you can. There is an audience for every writer. Also remember to explore your writing and try to expand your portfolio in many directions.  You never know what you will discover in the process and where you talents might lie.

Consider Writing For:

  1. Children’s Books

  2. Blogs

  3. Books for Teenagers

  4. Books for Adults (self-help, fiction, comedy etc)

  5. Critics (reviews)

  6. Magazines

Here are 7 Reasons to Discover the Writer in you

1.  Get Paid to Tell Stories

Your job is to tell stories and let people learn through your experiences while exploring new ideas and possibilities.

You can work from your local cafe, home, or even from the cabin in the woods. It is no longer a ‘movie’ scenario, as it is becoming the reality for many writers and newbies. You can even travel while writing. One of the very few jobs that allows you to escape the 9 to 5 rat race.

As long as you realize, that in order to make a living you will be required to put in a good number of hours daily, you can do it.

When you first get started you will likely have to develop content on subjects that you are not an expert in, and you will do some research to make sure you produce good, accurate content. You might even offer your services for free to develop the trust between you and various agencies.

As you continue to build your portfolio you will get an opportunity to write on a wider variety of subjects, or perhaps focus on specific subjects you have extensive experience with.

Fun Facts To Consider

  1. Humans are wired for story time.

  2. Story time is what sells products and services.

  3. The best of times are always sitting around with friends sharing stories.

  4. You can make a full time living developing content for your personal blog or other blogs.

Fun Industry Facts to Consider

  1. The book industry is growing

  2. E-books grew from 88,238 to 148,311: an increase of 60,073 or 68% • print books increased from 158,972 to 638,624: an increase of 479,652 or 301% • the combined print and e-book number grew from 247,210 to 786,935: an increase of 539,725 or 218%

  3. Employment of writers and authors is projected to grow 8% from 2016 to 2026

Look for content management agencies and platforms that list freelance or telecommute jobs and get started.

2. Help People

Writing and reading is a cathartic experience for humans. It feels good to put it all down on paper and make more space for new ideas.

But the best part of it all, is that sharing your writing can help validate you and others. Your stories can help others laugh or even guide them to organize their life.

Remember most people will search for answers online or in books before looking for more professional approaches to their issues. In a sense you have the first opportunity to make a positive impact on millions of people around the world that relate to your message.

Is there anything more gratifying that knowing that you are the reason someone smiles today?

Or the reason that someone decided to change their life?

3. Experience Life More Deeply

This is a personal reason but it fuels most writers to keep going.

Writing allows us to experience life more deeply, relive our experiences, and understand others and our own emotions. If you want to write well, write daily, it will force you to experience life more intensely. It will allow you to feel others and understand human behavior.

Writing is your best teacher.

4. Set a Trend

As a writer you will have the opportunity to work for blogs and other social platforms. This opportunity along with a creative flair, can allow you to set new trends in clothing, promote innovative products. and make a positive impact on the world.

You will have an opportunity to write about the new and upcoming things, new discoveries, as well as promote products and services that can help people.

5. Inform the World

Closely related to the previous point, writing is medium between you and the rest of the world.

Use your research and writing skills to inform the world about new technologies and medical discoveries.

Information is power, and you as a writer, are the channel that transfers this power to the people.

6. Share Your Life and Get Perspective

Our lives are unique, colorful sometimes, and can also be others time dull and filled with sorrow. Our experiences although in a matter of design, might appear unique, however, in theory are universal.

When writing, remember the number one need for humans is a sense of belonging. Depending on what part of your life you want to share, there is an audience waiting for your book or blog update.

When we write we have a unique opportunity to explore ideas and situations outside of our comfort zones.

To have a clear concise picture of life, we need to zoom out and look at the entirety of the situation. When we write we have the tools, the ‘safety zone’, and the medium to explore perspective and expand our horizons.

7. Take Control of Your Life

Writing is a task-oriented job, which of course has deadlines but it is done according to your schedule, as a freelancer.

Growing up, most of us expected the best case scenario for employment to be a 9 to 5 job (and it usually much later than 5 right?), watching the days fly by, counting down the days for the weekend to arrive.

With writing, you will live a thousand lives, you will be able to travel, visit your local cafe, or even sit on the beach while you develop your content.

Write from the heart, be transparent, raw and research your subjects. When your writing is true, it will find the audience that is meant to read it.