What Should Your Business Be Blogging About To Attract More Readers & Customers?


Every business has something to say, something new and interesting for its potential clients.

Now, sit back and think harder. You don’t want to jump into it just because blogging is the popular thing at the moment. You need to let your readers hear your genuine voice, make them understand they can see you as an expert in your field of expertise. So, start by establishing who you are talking to. Are they customers, suppliers, potentials or the broader industry observers? As long as you have established that, you know what they want to hear. Another important point is that you may need to discuss something that is slightly different or more original from your competitors’ blogs, so don’t be afraid to write something different or new.

And now, take a look at these suggestions for effective blog posts.

  1. Replies to clients’ questions

This is usually the easiest approach to blogging that will also keep you grounded in reality. It is so easy to lose touch with the way clients see your industry. So, when you feel like you don’t have many ideas for a good blog entry, go through your email or check with your sales team. They can provide a lot of info on what your customers really want to find out from you. Each of these questions will generate an answer that can become a valuable blog addition.

  1. Important industry information

Your clients don’t usually have access to the specific industry data you have. A business blog can derive a lot of strength out of these pieces of info. So try to compile statistics, videos or images into a blog entry. Remember to credit the resource of your information. Try to keep away from the specific industry jargon and make this easy to understand for your readers. Consider how much time this can save for your clients and how grateful they will be, since they don’t need to look for that particular piece of info on dozens of other sites.

  1. Opinions on industry issues

There is hardly any business without controversial areas. A good idea for a blog entry will always be taking a stance on an issue. You can pick a hot topic that you see discussed in the papers or online and present your views on that. This will attract more traffic and comments than a traditional post.

  1. New trends in your business

These are also very popular, especially if you are in retail or in a business that provides services. Let’s say you have a beauty and fitness salon. Your clients will definitely want to know more on what the new treatments and beauty tricks are and they want to read that on your blog. Losing them to a competition blog just because you didn’t grab the opportunity of writing a nice blog entry on the next season’s trends in fitness would be rather unprofessional.

  1. Questions and polls

People love to participate in polls just as they love to answer questions. You can easily connect the questions you are asking them to things related to your products or services. By showing your readers you want to know their opinion, you will actually tell them that you care, you value their opinion and you’re looking to improve your products for them.

There are so many other things you can blog about:

  1. Make charts and offer more industry insight.

  2. Review industry books and present your own opinion on them.

  3. Blog about industry events.

  4. Interview or profile someone famous in your industry, this will offer more business prestige to your blog.

  5. Write an introduction post about new products you are launching.

  6. Debunk common myths in your industry.

  7. Create a list of videos that someone should watch

  8. Post pictures and comment on them

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