Tweeting for Your Company: What to Tweet About to Improve Your Business Presence On Social Media


After one or two days tweeting for your company, you will find out that no one wants to read your tweets if you only promote your business. The trick is to find a balance and understand that Twitter is a very powerful social media tool especially because it is all about the conversation. When you only have 140 characters at your disposal, you need to learn to write better and master the art of communicating in headlines. Here are a few tips about what you should be tweeting about, to make sure you will have enough followers and they will be willing to listen to what you have to say. 

Always tweet replies

The best way to develop relationships with people is to respond to their posts and conversations. This is no longer an optional thing, and not replying may be considered rude. But, if you want to establish yourself as a company that is social media savvy, you may want to give support, laugh, and share similar experiences. The key is to show others that you are really interested in what they are tweeting about. In this way, you can make sure others will be interested in your tweets as well.

Don’t ignore link shares

Another thing you can do is share links to cool stuff your followers would like. This is a very quick way of finding how many followers are really interested in your posts, as very soon you will get positive feedback in the form of replies, re-tweets or even direct messages. A trick would be to also offer links to your own posts.

Engage your followers directly

Another important thing will be to do something to trigger a conversation. You can either ask questions, throw a statement out there. If you want recommendations or you want people to interact more, try asking a lot of questions to get more interaction. This will also help a lot with taking the pulse of your followers, finding out what they like and what they need.

Post business related tweets

After you manage to establish a great relationship with your Twitter followers you can start tweeting selling messages or commercial info about your business.  You also need to retain a 1 to 10 ratio, don’t overreact with your business tweets or you will turn off followers. In other words, whenever you send out a tweet about your business, follow it with several (at least 2) conversational messages. In this way, you will keep your products and services fresh in the minds of customers and you will also engage potential customers who may never find you by conventional means.

Any prospective client could be attracted to tweets that catch their eye if they are about the product or service they are searching for.

In this category, you should also feel free to post twitpics. For instance, if you are in a business that has to do with serving people, such as a café or restaurant, you could tweet pics of your daily specials, or other things that may be attractive to followers.

Post re-tweets

You should feel free to re-tweet others when they post tweets you like. But only re-tweet what you feel is interesting to you and your readers. Before doing it, you can think about how it can benefit your followers. And remember, the more you help other, the more help you can get from them with your own tweets.

Feel free to get a bit personal

Personal tweets are in order as long as they are not bugging your followers. You can also post tweets about company personal events, such as a birthday or a party and so on. Remember: your community expects to engage a person, not a company, so you need to find the balance between your Twitter communication goal and expressing your personality.

If you respect a few of these rules about tweeting for your company, you should shortly develop quite a following on Twitter. Remember one essential thing: what the Twitter community expects from you is transparency in communication. So don’t fall into the trap of spinning news to your advantage or bringing a sales pitch into the conversation. What social media marketing brings is basically a culture change in PR and marketing. You must move slowly towards your target, but once you get there, you make sure you have a steady line of followers who will always be ready to listen to what you have to say.

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