Top Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Video Marketing For Better Sales, Visibility

video marketing

There is actually one single answer to that and this is video marketing.

As the internet is shifting at warp speed every day, everything is about video content. It is everywhere; you find it embedded in newsletters, sales pages and all kinds of promo materials. People start their day connecting to the internet looking for info, but instead of reading, they are now watching. And it is time for you to understand you can no longer depend only upon text. So here are some of the top advantages of choosing video marketing to skyrocket your business potential.

Video reaches more people

You want to keep up, right? So, in order to do that, you need to understand that more people nowadays are more comfortable in learning something visually. But the thing that is even more brilliant is that video marketing has a capacity of going viral and reaching an even wider audience than what you would imagine. It operates after the word of the mouth principle. So you should only preoccupy with creating an interesting product video and having it posted on YouTube. If people like it, they will post it on their Facebook page or Twitter account. Such social media sites receive massive amounts of user traffic. And from there, everything is getting easier. Once you set this viral effect in motion, the traffic on your company website will exponentially increase. This is the best way to leverage video marketing and see long term results. Big companies are doing it so why wouldn’t you?

Video helps improving your brand

The most important element to establishing your company brand is to position yourself as a leader of your particular industry. And there is actually no better way than to do it by way of a video. This will offer you a unique advantage and that is you will become recognizable, as a brand, as a business. People will be able to connect to your name and face. Also, while you are sharing interesting and valuable content with others, you will manage to link your product to the idea of good, reliable tips. People love to be offered tips, they love it when you share new and exclusive info with them. For instance, you may know some things that are not common knowledge about your industry, some statistics or recent studies. If you present your viewers with an attractive video including this important piece of information, they will immediately perceive you as an authority in the field. And next time, they will tell themselves that you are so reliable and experienced so you are the person they want to buy from.

Video works for you non-stop

After you posted one or several videos on a large audience site such as YouTube, you actually make sure those video materials are working for you non-stop, day or night. The internet never stops and people from around the globe will be exposed to your video material at any given time. People may even buy your product or service, while you sleep! Videos continue to market for you 24/7, and without geographical boundaries or constraints.

Video is cheap and easy

It is easy to have it done and very easy to host it. YouTube is the alternative that most people use since it is so accessible to everyone. And another very good advantage is that you can get on the first page of Google much easier. Actually, Google loves videos and they index YouTube videos quite regularly. There is no better way to become more visible than this.

Just consider this: online traffic is expected to quadruple by 2015 and this is mainly because of the explosion of video content on the Web. So there is actually no reason why your business shouldn’t to take advantage of a vast new audience made of potential customers expecting their content to be delivered at 30 frames per second.

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