Top 5 Reasons Your B2B Company Should Use Social Media Tools


1. It gives you quick interaction with clients

Research has shown that social media engaged organizations are more financially successful. That doesn’t mean that simply by being present on Facebook or Twitter you have ensured success of your venture. Your organization should go beyond simple presence; you need to look at getting together with others and reacting in a timely manner during conversations. For conventional business marketers, this may be a bit of a drawback, but it is still the way to go.

2.  Social media is cost-effective

Many would say this is the most cost-effective method of marketing ever. In other words it does require investment of budget, professional resources, and time but not in the same quantities as other media. And particularly in times of economic downturn, this can be a small cost that will provide more substantial competitive advantages and increased ROI and profit margins.

 3.  It offers the right tools the B2B process demands

By making use of social media, you can interact with prospects and customers using a huge selection of touch points. Most of these two-way tools have a real- time nature, and this will assist in adding a bit of a personal touch to the relationship. Also, social media allows more people in your organization to undertake relationships with prospects, a thing which isn’t possible with the more traditional ads and campaigns.

 4. Other professionals are actively networking

Using social media tools, B2B companies can develop professional communities online to share expertise, solve issues and build a network of industry contacts. This is also the most appropriate place for providing thought leadership, a means of shaping the way people think about key issues or of guiding them to smart decisions. An additional advantage is that, just by monitoring online conversations you can observe changing trends and needs and pick out emerging opportunities. In this way, you’ll always be able to be ahead of your competition.

5.  Social media encourages a more rapid shopping process

In general, B2B sales cycles are long and buyers tend to spend quite a great deal of time with research. By using social media applications, you communicate information and reply to buyer questions more quickly, which can also help improving reputation and building a more credible brand. However, as a marketing platform, social media can provide support for offline marketing and networking at events like trade shows.

Overall, by adopting this type of marketing, a B2B company will have the ability engage more prospects and also to learn from their customers’ experience.

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