Top 5 Reasons to Use B2C Social Media Marketing


Reach your buyers where they spend their time

Studies show that Facebook alone will see 132.5 million users just from the US, and the average time spent on the site is nearly an hour. Your buyers are already hanging out here! Where are you? With an effective B2C social media marketing plan, you can make more connections with buyers. By filling your posts and pages with valuable information that helps your buyers, you establish yourself as an expert in your field, helping to build trust in your brand and long-term client loyalty.

Attain a stronger position with search engines

By strategically developing your online presence through B2C social media marketing, you can achieve more visibility for your business with the search engines. The more positions you can grab on the first page for targeted keyword phrases, the less room there is for your competition. Imagine typing in a common phrase your buyers use to find you and seeing yourself in the top four positions – your website, your YouTube video, your blog and your Facebook page! What competition?

Leverage viral marketing

Many companies see referral-driving viral marketing as one of the biggest benefits of social media marketing. By posting expert content that your buyers find valuable, those buyers start talking, tweeting and posting entries about you and your products. Your networks tell their networks and the word spreads. This process can be faster and more profitable than even the slickest TV or magazine ad campaign.

Build profitable partnerships

As an increasing number of enterprises are using social media channels, you can connect with other business owners in adjacent fields and establish mutually advantageous relationships. There’s a million way this can be done such as developing programs to share leads, make referrals and co-host charity events.

Create better results with considerably less money

When done right social media is a cost-effective means to build your brand and connect with more buyers. It lets you communicate faster and more directly than most other marketing channels. The more you are able to consistently provide valuable content and engage your buyers the more success you will see from your B2C social media marketing.

These 5 reasons should be more than enough to get started on social media today. However, we know that a steep learning curve and lack of time are the big killers of social media ambitions for many business owners. That’s why we created Fast and Easy Social Marketing. We have the knowledge, the plan and make the time to execute your social marketing so you can run your business and traffic arrives at your doorstep automatically.

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