Things to Post on Your Facebook Business Page that Can Bring More Fans and Customers

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Interesting things about the industry

You can post info on anything that could have a value for your potential customers. Information that can help them understand a new product, or tips that can make their lives better, these are just two suggestions. But, whatever you do, do not say bad things about the competition in your posts, because you want people to like your product. Talking negatively about any of your competitors’ products or services will not make your fans like you  so you should continue to be positive at all times and make one step at a time into the direction of establishing yourself an industry leader. So, most of your posts should be about helping your fans in some way or the other.

Write as many questions as possible

A good idea would be to get a status update every day in the form of a question. Rather than telling fans what you are doing, you should ask them a question. This was proven to bring massive results on Facebook. In this way you are letting your contacts and fans get involved, so you should ask them a question related to your business every day.

Post lots of multimedia

First of all videos are a wonderful idea. They shouldn’t all be videos made by you or your company, they can also be borrowed from YouTube or Dailymotion. A funny video having to do with your area of expertise would be a nice idea. It can convey more of a message than actual words.  Another way to keep monotony away from your posts is add as many pictures as possible. Pictures are also a good way of letting your fans in into your business life: you can post pictures of your team, your promises, your products and specific events, and also add cartoons or diagrams related to your business.

  1. Post many links to sites of interest

You did start a business page on Facebook to promote your business so once in a while, a link to your own blog or company website wouldn’t hurt. But people will stop turning up if you are only promoting yourself. So you can post links to other websites, as a matter of professional courtesy, even to your competitors’ sites. This will show them you are not in for the money and will even contribute more to earning your fans’ respect.

Update your events tab by posting special offers

The Events tab in Facebook is many times overlooked by businesses and it is a pity. If you think about it a bit differently,  this can be very useful to your business and you need not update with actual company events, but rather with special offers that are time sensitive, things like open days and product launches.

Post a lot of notes

This is another tab you should be using quite a lot in Facebook. You can use it to post all sorts of things that are not suitable as proper posts. For instance testimonials or quotes, even random thoughts that can be relevant for fans of your business, and that turn out to be longer than a simple status update.

Don’t forget to write ‘thank you’ notes

If you have had a special event when a lot of your fans turned out, or you have just noticed your fans interacting, you should post public thanks on Facebook, this will increase your reputation even more. This can be done in the form of a status update or even a longer post where you are naming some fans’ names too. Also as a thank you, you should go further and offer all sorts of prizes or giveaways to a number of fans every month.

Whatever you write about, always remember to keep your target audience in mind. Also, the business page is obviously going to be about a particular topic, which means your posts should not be random; they need to remain related and relevant. And always remember this as a rule of the thumb: what you have to do is make a good post and turn it into an interactive one by getting your fans involved.

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