The Writer’s Ultimate Headline Playbook For Creating Great Content

The real writer has always had this one true goal: to write to amuse, entertain and inform the visiting readers, not for search engine rankings or being #1 in page 1 of SERPs. The true passion is in the writing. It always has been. But alas, in this digital world of marketing, how do writers write both for the visitors and the search engines?

They could start by coming up with topics that have been tried and tested with headlines that have been proven to be effective through the years. All we need to do is copy them, rehash them and present them as new. Of course, we won’t violate any plagiarism and copyright laws. We simply keep the basic concepts.

Choose from these classic entries from our writers’ tips and headline playbook:

  1. The ever popular “How To”

The motherlode of headlines, this is one surefire headline that will help people do something. Everybody needs an expert to show us how we can apply it in a practical way. That’s the promise of these headlines. It’s irresistible and we are all suckers.


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  1. The ever reliable “Lists”

Also known as “listicles” these aren’t going away soon. They’re easily digestible and indispensable. There isn’t one single topic in the world that can’t be put in a list. Readers will always be wondering whether what they’re looking for is something within your list. It never fails.


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  1. Warning/Caution/Advisory: Something

People generally fear something. These signs are certain NOT to be ignored. The words warning, caution and advisory are so powerful, people will read whatever comes after it. Just make sure the “Something” will spark curiosity and be relatable.


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  1. The questions have it

This entry uses “Why” or “How” not to ask questions but to put an opinion out and give an explanation. If readers agree with you, they’re hooked. If they disagree, what’s your opinion of it? The more controversial the opinion, the more readers want to see which side you’re on.


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  1. The Ultimate Guide to Something

It’s the ultimate, so readers must know about it because it promises to tell you everything that you want to know. Remember, it’s a GUIDE.


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Use these writers’ tips

One of the best writers’ tips is to be patient. You cannot rush headline and content writing, even if you wanted to and even if it’s writing for search engines. Just focus on what people want and then deliver. The next thing you know, the search engines will be guiding your readers to your next few viral posts.