The Ultimate Tools You Will Need For Creating Killer Content In 2018

Writing is a beautiful process of stringing words together to entice readers, express emotions, persuade or inform. On your best days, you can produce a fascinating blog post much like an artist paints a mesmerizing piece of painting. But on some days, crafting a killer blog is difficult.

What do you do on those less-than-perfect days when your coffee-addled brain can’t dredge up a half decent article?

Well, if you’re an experienced freelancer and know the best tips for writers in 2018 you’ll know that the solution lies in using myriad writing tools at your disposal.

Tools specifically created for writers can help transform even the most mediocre and lackluster content into incredible, click-worthy, social media savvy articles.

Although there is a multitude of tools that a budding novelist can use, we’ve shortened the list to include 7 essential ones:


Check any website doling out crucial writers tips and every one of them speaks highly of Grammarly. It’s an editing and proofreading tool that spots grammatical errors, points out repetitive and overused words and weeds out plagiarized content. It also drastically cuts down the time needed to edit a document on days when you just don’t feel up for it.

Blog Topic Generator

Even the most ingenious writers can suffer from this problem: How to generate a topic with a unique angle or a headline that will grab readers’ attention in a jiffy? This is where Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator comes in a lot of use.

This tool lets you input 3 keywords or a theme you have in mind and quickly coughs up 5 potential topics for you post. Of course, since its auto-generated the results might not be perfect but they do help in jogging your creative juices. And you can always click “Try Again” if you don’t like the suggestions it spews.

Thesaurus and

Whether you’re a journalist, an aspiring poet, a no-nonsense technical writer or a witty blogger, you need two things at your beck and call – A dictionary and a thesaurus. In fact, we almost always use these two pertinent tools to find meanings of fancy words or provide us a cascade of alternate words.

Hemingway App

Want to make your blogs clearer, easier to read and concise? The Hemingway App should be your best friend. Inspired by the legendary author, this app calculates your content’s readability, signals unnecessary adverbs, isolates passive voice and shows complex words. It’s an extremely useful tool to improve your writing skill and one of the most important tips for writers in 2018.


Writers are eccentric beings. We see an ad and suddenly conjure an idea for a blog. We hear a song’s lyric and a lightbulb turns on in our minds.

If this sounds like you then you definitely need to try Evernote. It’s an app that aids in jotting down notes, scribbling doodles, creating to-do lists, saving ideas or making audio notes that you can later listen to. It enables you to save intriguing articles on the web, save photos or flesh out a work-in-progress article.


Attention all procrastinators! StayFocused restricts the time you spend on websites that drain your time and take you away from using your energy to write. Instead of browsing your news feed on Facebook or watching hilarious cat videos on YouTube, you’ll spend your limited time and energy on what really matters: Writing.

It’s also customizable and permits you to block some websites temporarily. So when you’re on a break you can resume watching a dog playing the piano.


You know what’s one of the best tips for writers in 2018? Use Canva. A graphic design software that helps you build an eye-catching template for your blogs or a vibrant e-book cover, Canva should be used by all writers. Visuals are essential in content so why not take it up a notch with this app? Its striking collection of graphics are available at your fingertips.

Use the aforementioned tools to spruce up your skills as a content creator and make your life a whole lot easier. All the tools are available for free online. But if you really want to fully utilize these tools, a premium version is also available. Just remember that help is just a click away. Don’t be shy to make the most of them and enhance your content.

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