The Iris Academy Specials: Benefits of Enrolling in a Writing Course

Aspiring writers often wonder if investing their time and money in a writing course would prove beneficial. Should they spend hours pursuing a writing course or straightaway start pitching for jobs or freelance work?

If you ask us, we would strongly recommend joining a writing course. Here are the reasons we think a well-structured writing course is worth your time-

Learn Different Formats

Enrolling in a writing course is the fastest way to learn a wide variety of writing formats. You get to explore copywriting, blogging, scriptwriting, social media posts, email writing, etc. This kind of holistic exposure is not possible in an internship or a job.

Moreover, you get to practice these writing formats against a deadline. That’s an area where new writers often struggle- writing meaningful text within strict deadlines. Wouldn’t it be great to develop a faster writing pace?

Teaches You Important Skills

You might think that you have impeccable grammar and you write well. But that’s not enough if you aspire to be a professional writer. There are more skills that employers or clients seek in candidates, and a writing course can help you put these skills into practice.

Some of these crucial skills are-

  1. Efficient communication with clients, editors, etc. to get a clear perspective on the project

  2. Ability to research swiftly for a project

  3. Technical skills like Search Engine Optimization, etc.

It’s A Time-Saver

It might take you months if you plan to rely entirely on your work and experiences for picking up new skills. It takes a lot of trial and error when you learn things on the job. Instead, by opting for a writing course, you get to learn from the experiences of others. You get to focus on the important things in a structured way, which helps you jump-start your career. Moreover, the course will guide you towards the best practices and latest trends in the industry.

Updates Your CV

On completion, you get a certificate that lends more weight to your CV. If you are an aspiring writer, having a certificate demonstrates your interest in pursuing a writing career. It also shows that you are equipped to start writing professionally. In fact, a writing course certificate is also helpful for individuals who aspire to make an entry into marketing or advertising.

Provides Genuine Feedback

New writers are often apprehensive about their work. When you take up a writing course, your assignments are thoroughly evaluated. The assignments cover different writing formats, and you get assessed for each of them. So you get know about your strengths as well as weaknesses in different writing formats. You will also get advice on how to improve your shortcomings. It would be otherwise difficult to get such critical and genuine feedback.