The Biggest Content Trends That Will Shine Next Year

The best time of the year is here! Time to look back and learn, and time to begin planning for an amazing 2020.

By now you must be planning your content strategy for 2020. If not, we got you covered. We did the research and we will cover the new emerging content trends that will shine in 2020.

Just in case you need a reason to seriously sit down and create a killer content strategy based on these trends, Curata reports that according to companies surveyed, 74% of the report that content marketing has significantly increased their leads, both in quality and quantity.

Let’s dive into the new trends.

1. User-Generated Content (UGC) Inspires Trust

There is a huge shift in how people choose to learn about new products and services. The old methods of company ads are taking a back seat. Now, these methods are good for brand awareness reasons.

Image via Business2Community

UGC is content generated by your audience and clients and it is more trusted by potential consumers. UGC is more honest, funny, and engaging.

This trend  will be a major one in 2020 and you need to understand what inspires your audience in order to create the best possible UGC.

Although the particular type of content is generated by users, you need to lay down the strategy.

Begin developing a plan on how to request reviews and testimonials for example.

UGC doesn’t show up at your door. You need a strategy in place in order to have a consistent flow for your blog or other publishing platforms.

Examples of User-Generated Content Include:

  1. Comments and posts about your products from users

  2. Ratings and reviews

  3. Testimonials

  4. User-generated videos explaining how your product works (this method taps into the influencer strategy)

  5. Posts in forums by users

  6. Parody videos

  7. Pinterest photos by users

  8. Memes

  9. External references in other blogs and publishing platforms

  10. Influencers

2. Video Wins the Game

Video is already dominating the content industry. It combines visual content and auditory, making it super easy for people to choose when given the opportunity.

If you have not started planning a video strategy you need to begin immediately.

Did you know that Google reports that over 80% of people look for videos on products and services when trying to make a buying decision?

There are now various inexpensive platforms that have extremely user-friendly interfaces (drag- and-drop) so you do not need to hire a technical expert for this.

Image via   Wyzowl

Examples of Videos to Boost Audience Engagement:

  1. Webinars

  2. Tutorials

  3. Behind the scenes

  4. Company events

  5. Introducing your team

  6. Explainer videos

  7. Videos summarizing articles

  8. Inspirational videos (yours or borrowed)

  9. Testimonial videos

3. Make Room for Voice – Here to Stay

Building a strategy that includes Voice is no longer a ‘maybe’, it is a ‘must’.

Smart speakers are being adopted at exponential rates. When your content is built for Voice accessibility it will open a brand new method of engagement for your company.  As consumers have less and less time to search and learn, asking Alexa, or similar, a question and receiving the most popular answer in seconds usually solves the problem.

During 2019 most Voice content was created to purely answer questions and be helpful. Soon, as consumers get more comfortable with this type of content, we will see Voice becoming more than just a personal assistant.

Image via Adstriangle

Currently, the most common uses for Voice-activated content are:

  1. Fun questions

  2. Learning what is new around the world

  3. Asking for directions

  4. Checking sports events and scores

  5. Basic searches

In the new future experts believe that Voice will be used for purchasing and it will replace all tactile input.

4. Say Hello to our New Friends the ‘Chatbots’

Chatbots are disrupting the way companies are communicating with potential customers. They are available 24/7, requires no supervision or vacations, and people tend to favor them over human interaction.

If your company is not currently using a Chatbot on their social media profiles or their home page, you are already behind.

These Chatbots are getting smarter faster than we realize with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The content you input will have to reflect your brand personality and guide the potential customer through the sales funnel. This will require precision and clarity in your content.

How to start developing content for your Chatbot

  1. Create a unique welcoming message. Avoid the standard ‘hello, how can I help you’. Although it could work, it will not be memorable.

  2. Develop all possible conversation trees and their branches

  3. Use visuals when possible

  4. Integrate the check-out process in the Chatbot

Image via ConvinceandConvert

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the 4 biggest content trends that will shine and continue to surprise us in 2020. Ensure that your strategy includes UGC to help your client base to trust your brand and use video to boost engagement.

Voice content is here to stay, so keep a close eye on it and begin developing voice-friendly content to help search engines find you faster.

Last but not least, do not forget your Chatbot and make sure to have a lot of fun creating the content and its personality.