The Anatomy Of A Great Blog Post

A few days ago, we had a post about what the elements are in a great web page. Today, let’s tackle what elements constitute the perfect or near-perfect blog post.

So how can we create a great post? This is scary stuff because there’s so much pressure in blogging about and giving writers’ tips on perfect blogging.

Here are elements that make up a really great blog post:

1. The perfect headline

You need to learn how to write headlines that turn readers’ heads and want to take in all of your content. According to a Copyblogger stat, 8 out of 10 people will read headline but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the content. Your headlines (at least) must:

  1. Be specific – This means it should include genuine information so readers get an idea of what they’re about to read.

  2. Be useful – Your headline goes straight to the problem.

  3. Create a sense of need – The reader wants his questions answered, your headline tells him they will be answered, just read on.

  4. Be within the popular rules – Under 55 characters and keyword in the title. Readers tend to focus on the first 3 words and the last 3 words of your headline. So make every word count.

2. The perfect body

The body consists of these:

  1. Introduction – It starts off with a bang of an introduction and that makes readers keep reading. One of the best writers’ tips for an introduction is telling a personal story or an anecdote of an influencer. This will make your introduction seem genuine.

  2. Paragraphs – These give structure to your blog post and make it readable. Each paragraph should have a subheading (H2 or H3).

  3. Written content – Take time to craft a post that is really of high quality and is well-researched. You can use Buzzsumo to give you the best resources and influencers, stats of articles or just plain topics for your posts.

  4. Relevant visuals – They provide great value to your content. Blog Pros concluded that the best posts have an average of 3.2 images. Just credit your images and other multi-media content with the proper links.

2. The perfect length

According to SerpIQ, posts with more than 2,000 words perform the best. So the more word counts equates to better search traffic.

3. The perfect conclusion and call to action

Wrap it up nicely. Like a great gift, your blog post must have something of great value for your readers. Your conclusion will make them realize how valuable your post was and useful in the future, just like the perfect gift. To complete your post, inspire them to a subtle call-to-action. Then maybe give them a little bonus.

4. A few additions

  1. You should optimize your post both for desktop and mobile platforms.

  2. Promote your blog post through social shares. It has the potential to make your post reach more people. Have a “Click to Tweet” button or a Facebook share button ready for the lazy ones.

Use these writers’ tips

Remember, it is you who measure perfection. The perfect formula may not be the same for all but there is compelling content in all. Use these writers’ tips for creating one heck of a blog post. Then sit back, relax and wait for the results to come trickling in.