The 15 Most Profitable Freelance Writing Niches And How To Master Them

When you’re starting out as a freelancer, you will be bombarded with guides and articles online that will prompt you and educate you on the different niches you can pick and choose from. These will include the benefits of being a niche writer and vice versa. The truth is, as a writer, whether you want to be a generalist or a niche writer, is completely up to you.

The choice depends on your writing style, your need for constant income, and many other factors. But, we aren’t here to discuss the pros and cons of being a niche writer. We are here to share the top writing niches out there and tips and tricks to help you master these niches.

Let’s begin by explaining what a freelancing niche is.

What is a Freelancing Niche?

A freelancing niche is a specialization in a specific industry or topic. This means that, as a niche writer, you will be a specialist in writing content like press releases and blog posts on topics that you are most knowledgeable about.

Your niche can be broad, like medical topics, or narrowed down to subtopics like heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

When you initially start writing, it is recommended that you try working in a few niches and determine which one interests you the most. You also need to be willing and interested enough to invest time in becoming an expert in the chosen niche.

Being a niche expert will take time and effort and will happen gradually with time.

Top 15 Freelancing Niches and How to Master Them as a Writer

1. Travel

The tourism market is flooded with companies that want to focus on content that encourages millennials to spend their savings on once-in-a-lifetime experiences and also encourages people who have recently retired to spend money on a much-needed vacation.

The key to writing good travel-related content is to have strong storytelling and research skills. You have to find unique stories that no one else has and write as if you’ve been to these places.

Some common categories and topics will include:

● Tourist spots

● Travel guides

● Travel deals and sponsors

● Hotel and food reviews

● Travel lifestyle

2. Finance

We’d be misguiding you if we said that this niche is for every writer out there. If you don’t like numbers and data, we’d say stay away from this one. This kind of content requires fluff-free details that are full of data and useful information for the reader.

If you are to become a specialist in this niche, you need to invest time in learning about the terms and the concepts. Some common subtopics included in the finance niche are:

● Accounting

● Personal finance

● Cryptocurrency

● Financial projections

● Stocks

● Budgeting

3. Alternative Medicine

We’re living in revolutionary times of micro-dosing and the usage of narcotics to relieve pain and other symptoms. There are many small startups popping up here and there that focus on the use of alternative medicine to cure diseases. These include topics like:

● Yoga

● Chiropractors

● Essential oils

● Meditation

● DIY therapies at home

This is quite an interesting and emerging niche of content and will require thorough research on your part to ensure relevant and useful information is being relayed to the readers.

4. Book writing

During the last few years, there has been an increase in the need for books and content by coaches and solopreneurs who want to curate their life’s work and teachings into a biography.

Many of these people aren’t writers, and they need writing services from a freelancer to ghostwrite these books for them. Some of them may write these books on their own and need you to edit or proofread their content to perfection.

Any good writer with great language abilities can dive into this niche and ghostwrite content. Ghostwriting may include:

● E-book writing

● Social media posts

● Newsletters

● Email Campaigns

● Proofreading and formatting

5. Video Scripts

It is the age of videos. Every social media, from Facebook to Tik Tok, has put extreme emphasis on video creation and engagement driven by videos. All brands are on the hunt for writers that can create comprehensive video scripts for their products and services.

Video scripting isn’t for everyone and requires knowledge of how to write on a frame-by-frame basis.

You can get ahead of the curve by investing time in learning how a video script can be worded and formatted. If not today, then in the near future, 99% of all brands on social media will need script writing services in one way or another.

Scripts may be required for:

● Course Lessons

● Whiteboard videos

● Short videos

● Interview scripts

● Sales videos

As far as the topics are concerned, there can be a range of topics that your clients might need videos on.

6. Ad Copywriting

Just like videos, almost all social media channels have the option of placing ads to promote businesses. Not all writers can write ad copy because it requires a certain ability to summarize the USP in limited characters.

Picking up this skill and honing it will pay off because not only can you do blog posts and other content for your clients, you can share that you have a diverse portfolio that includes writing ad content as well.

Ad copywriting can include:

● Facebook Ads

● Google Ads

● YouTube Ads

● Email Ads

● Magazine Ads

Topics and niches may differ depending on your clients.

7. Food

This is probably one of the biggest industries out there. There are writers that are laser-focused on this one niche alone. There are so many chefs, restauranteers, bloggers, and whatnot that need food-related content for their websites and their platforms.

The food and wine niche is exciting. Moreover, it is also a very diverse niche and has many sub-topics that you can focus on. The easiest claim to fame is finding some magazine-related projects and getting a byline. This will be great for your portfolio. If you are particularly interested in this niche and want to make a name for yourself in it, you can start a blog of your own.

Here are some subtopics in this niche.

● Cooking tips and techniques

● Product reviews

● Recipes

● Events

● Industry trends

8. Email Writing

Contrary to what many people think, email writing is not dead. It is still one of the most leading channels for lead generation out there. The key is to learn how to write an email that will strike a chord with the reader. Writers that are particularly good at short and witty sentences are great at writing emails.

All this includes having a deep knowledge of copywriting and related writing formulas. Here are some types of email writing projects that you can look out for:

● Automation emails

● Event campaigns

● Marketing collateral

● Newsletters

● Landing page copy

● Email sales funnel

You can practice writing impactful emails on dummy projects and make them a part of your portfolio to show when you bid for such projects.

9. Sports and Adventure

There are plenty of sports and adventure enthusiasts out there, and they all like to search for the latest news in the world of sports and athletic wear. Naturally, not all sports critics and enthusiasts are writers, and they need someone with the right skillset to straighten out their thoughts and pen them down in a way that is easily digestible by other readers.

Sports content can include topics like:

● Guides

● Product review

● Match or game recaps

● Listicles

If you’re a sports enthusiast yourself, you can definitely put your knowledge to good use and become a subject matter expert.

10. Parenting

The world is full of new and old parents that still Google topics related to their kids and babies all the time. This niche obviously requires some knowledge of being a parent as well. If you’re a parent that has some tips and tricks of their own, and if this is a topic that interests you, you can also start a blog of your own.

There is great potential for monetizing your personal blog as well. Some topics related to this are:

● Family life

● Parenting

● Pre and Post Pregnancy

● Product reviews

● Homeschooling

11. Beauty and Fashion

The fashion industry has grown to account for trillions of dollars globally. Almost all major brands, and even smaller ones, now realize the power of writing meaningful content for both traditional and digital publications.

There are plenty of magazines, both online and digital, that require regular and guest writers. Writing for these publications can allow you to build your own portfolio which can be shared with future clients to show your expertise.

Some subtopics you can look forward to:

● Makeup tips and tricks

● Dressing tips and tricks

● How To’s

● Do’s and Don’ts

● Product and apparel reviews

12. Technology and Gadgets

Our world is going digital and there is a device being launched every other day, if not daily. There is a huge target audience, both online and offline, that is in search of the latest trends in the tech industry.

Initially, you will have to learn the ins and outs of this particular niche and understand the terms to be able to write fluently and in a manner that resonates with the target audience.

Here are some topics that you will come across while writing about this topic:

● Gadget reviews

● Gadget comparisons

● Do’s and Don’ts

● News and trends

● Cybersecurity

● Manuals and How To’s

13. Gaming

Gaming is actually part of the tech niche, but it is such a diverse and complicated topic that it merits a separate spot on this list. Online gaming and online gambling games have taken over the internet by storm. It is a world on its own and it requires research and interest to be a part of this world.

There are certain terminologies and concepts that you need to be familiar with if you are to dive into this niche, but we assure you that this is a topic worth specializing in if you are interested in gaming.

Some topics you will come across:

● Game reviews

● Listicles and top games

● Gaming hardware reviews

● Trends and Latest News

● How To’s

14. Landing Pages

Remember, we talked about ad copywriting before? Landing pages are also becoming increasingly popular among brands to showcase events or special offers. Landing pages are used to cut the fluff and get to the point and are mostly used to redirect traffic from specific ads or posts.

Any kind of business or website can require landing pages, so this can’t be boxed to a specific topic out there.

15. Social Media Content

Social media is the future. We have seen its power to bring social change and also change policies from scratch. Almost every individual and brand is now on one social media platform or more.

But, not all brands have the expertise to professionally and effectively manage their social media platforms. This is one skill that will help you pick up new work and also commit to long-term clients now and in the future.

This can include writing:

● Social media ad copy

● Social media calendars

● Social media posts

● Social media campaign design and writing

Social media content can be required by any industry or brand. This means that this is a skill that has great potential for work down the line.

Did You Find Your Writing Niche Yet?

We tried to compile some of the highest-paying niches here, so you can explore your options and see if you would like to become an expert in any one or more of these. This certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t write in all of them. Being a generalist or a niche-specific writer is a career choice that is entirely up to you.

Whatever niche you choose, there are some tips that we would like to mention that will help you become a better writer along the way:

  1. Always proofread your work before handing it in.

  2. Always spend an adequate amount of time researching

  3. Leave your draft for a few hours before you proofread it.

  4. Write for humans and the search engines will follow.

We hope you find a niche that resonates with your interests and inspires you to grow as a writer.