Social Media Marketing: Three Major Ways in Which You Can Socially Reward Your Customers


In fact, social media is great for encouraging client loyalty in the sense that will allow you to put together a brand community. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways of incentivizing your customers on Facebook and other social media places.

1. Offer discounts and online- only offers

The truth is, with the ascent of all those discount sites out there, a new breed of customers is appearing, namely those who expect you to offer discount on you product. The best thing you can do for the success of your social media campaign is to offer periodical discounts that are only available online.

You can be either looking to reward the online customers you already have, or increase the size of your online customer base. There are many ways in which you can do that:

–          You can provide codes for discount coupons that will bring them to your business place

–          Also, you could provide standard mark downs or  all sorts of offers that are special& alluring to anyone who chooses to subscribe. This will encourage new customers to sign up.

Many businesses choose, for instance, to work with Groupon, but you can start looking for another service as well, there are plenty out there giving away special deals for their customers.

2. Organize periodical contests

Recently, a trend from companies to give away free prizes is being taken over by another more popular marketing means, and that is contest organizing. Many brands use digital and social media to get potential client involved and this will bring a lot of free exposure. In fact, a competition that will ask users to create content for a particular brand promotion is in fact the cheapest way of doing publicity for that brand. Keep in mind, however that you need to offer an impressive price, because it will have to encourage an effort from users. Internationally renowned brands would do that in style, offering free holidays in exotic locations but for a smaller company,  a range of free of charge products or services may work as well.

3. Try to involve your clients in promotions

This is another great way of motivating your customers and keeping their interest alive. Why not involve them in your publicity operation? Many big brands have done that with success. For instance, you can start this on Facebook and ask fans to design a commercial for a new product you are developing. Or they may develop a jingle for radio or the plan of a TV commercial.

There are also so many other means of incentivizing your clients. You can for instance build a platform where you encourage client interaction, and ask your users to offer suggestions on your product. Then, the other users can take a vote, and you may end up using their suggestion. This will show customers that they are important for you and will gain you precious followers.

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