Simple Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Make Your Book a Best Seller

Every aspiring author’s dream is to be on a best-seller list at least once in their lives (if not multiple times). But being a bestselling writer is no piece of cake. There’s a lot more that needs to be done than simply writing a book.

In fact, therein lies the difference between a novice writer and a bestselling novelist: Bestsellers do much more. They know that a book is more than just a book. They know that writing a book is actually just 50% of their task. In the digital age, you can’t just string 50,000 words together on a typewriter and send it off into the universe.

So how can you see your name on a bestseller’s list? Here are some things you should absolutely avoid doing:

Not Hiring Expert Editors

No matter how meticulous a writer you are, how many times you’ve re-written chapters in your book and proofread its contents, you need to hire at least two expert copyeditors. Professional editors who have polished several bestselling books won’t just correct grammatical mistakes, tweak sentences and fine-tune your book. They’ll provide a unique outside perspective.

In fact, they might spot ways to improve your work that you or your family and friends may never have.

Failing to See the Big Picture

Yes, you’re writing or have written a book. But it’s more than a book, isn’t it? It’s an idea. It’s a story. It’s something that will add value to your readers. Writers rarely become authors just for the money. They become published novelists, short story writers and poets because they want to add value to their audience’s lives.

Don’t lose sight of why you wanted to write your book and who your book is for (the audience).

Not Having a Marketing Plan in Place Before and After Launch

Creating anticipation before launching your book is the best way to get your target audience excited about it. Of course, after your book’s launch you need to get out there and promote it like crazy.

It’s essential to have a marketing and promotional plan in place for before and after your book’s launch in order to generate ample profits and robust sales. For example, weeks or months before launching your book, publish excerpts of it to entice readers. Then, after the launch, talk about your baby on the radio.

Not Building and Nurturing a Loyal Audience

Building a loyal audience before your baby’s launched is extremely crucial. You need to do guest posts related to the topic of your book or use social media to provide free copies to influencers or create a weekly YouTube channel. Anything to get the word out.

Then, once you’ve published your book, don’t abandon your loyal army. Ask them for their opinion and feedback or have conversations with them. Engage your audience. Have a relationship with them.

Of course, these are just some blunders you should not make while writing, publishing and promoting your book. Take these tips and use them to become the bestselling author you know you were born to be. You can do it. You have it in you.

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