Practical Tips on How Blog Writing Should Be Done in 2017

From scribbled notes on a piece of paper to important decisions and ideas, words can sometimes make or break us. Literally! How many times have you struggled to put some thought or vision into words, in order for the world to experience your joy, anguish or sorrow? The truth is that writing is not easy for everyone, and sometimes even the most skilled linguist can struggle with their grasp on words. But when writing is the job and the passion, what are some surefire ways to always keep it flowing as smooth as one of Beethoven’s symphonies?

Collected directly from the people with firsthand experience, writers’ insights are always fantastic ways to get a glimpse of the struggles going on behind the creative process. Since today we’re all ‘stuck’ in this giant web of knowledge we call the internet, let’s focus on online content writing as a telling example here, shall we?

Online creative writing

Remember those creative writing classes back in school that were either extremely interesting or the bane of our collective existence? Indeed, breaking it down, we can see that blogging is sometimes nothing more than creative writing. We have a subject, an audience, now all we have to do is wrap our ideas up in such a pretty way that we grab everyone’s attention.

Of course, blogs and audiences vary depending on theme, personality, topic, writing style, the ‘hot new subject’ and many other factors. But in the search for ultimate textual glory, what should we keep in mind?

What to do, what to do?

Writers’ tips are usually an invaluable source of information. Following the old ‘misery loves company’ train of thought, we are happy to know that we’re not the first to go through this grueling creative process, nor will we be the last. And lucky us, those initial martyrs can now help us with insights and advice, working as a stepping stone for the future.

  1. First things first, understand your audience! Who are you writing for? What is the point you want to get across? Figuring out who your readers are, what they want and what makes them tick is a crucial part of this bond you’re setting out to create. People want to be understood, acknowledged and touched by the text they’re reading, so always be one step ahead of them. So avoid being generic, stay away from static or impassive writing, be new and creative, get into their minds and blow them away!

  2. In the beginning…! Apart from those creative writing classes, another thing we should dust off are the rules of textual composition, as stated in the essay writing sessions. These rules emphasize the importance of the title and intro as a way to mesmerize and intrigue from the start. Try to keep up with the world around you, throw in current ideas, but make sure you give these items the attention they deserve. Usually, crafting them at the very end means you can really emphasize your text’s strong points. In a pinch, look for example in other places. Other writers’ news and ideas are always invaluable help!

  3. Make a plan! Organizing your ideas beforehand is always a fantastic way of keeping up with your work. Thus you know what to do and when to do it, while also avoiding getting overpowered by your creation, like Dr. Frankenstein.

Today’s world is fast and detached, soon to get even colder, so getting people to stop and pay attention can be pretty tricky. We’ve all been there! But armed with patience, creativity and knowledge, the task doesn’t seem as insurmountable anymore. The trick is to be aware of your ‘surroundings’ and audience, a good strategist and give the people what they want, even if they might have not realized they want it yet!

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