My Content Story: Bambi Frazier

It was my freshman year at West Virginia Wesleyan College.

“I don’t give A’s because I never see A work.”

Those words from my college professor never left me.

I was just 30 minutes from my tiny hometown, Elkins, West Virginia and was not the most studious kid in high school.  I did just enough to get by; to make sure I could pass, graduate and never look back.  Working hard and being responsible wasn’t the issue, it was more so about studying.  I lacked every bit of motivation to buckle down and get the job done.

When college rolled around, I was definitely not in the right “mode,” but when that professor said those words, I immediately felt a jolt of,  “I’ll show her!”

It would be another year before I fully committed to working hard in college.  For some reason, I was really surprised to learn that with discipline and solid work ethic, I could make the Dean’s List.  Ahhhh.  That felt good.

Fast forward to my junior year.  By now, I knew how to write really well.   So well, in fact, that the very professor who never claimed to never see A work was giving me A’s on a regular basis.  I knew I was on to something good.   But there was one class and one professor. This one seemed intent on holding me back.  I didn’t get it.  I knew I could write well, but this professor didn’t just give me hard time; she gave me F’s.

I had her one semester and couldn’t wait for that time to come to a close. I had to work 3 weeks into the summer, revising papers to meet her standards just so I could eek by with a C-.

She didn’t hold me back.  My writing skills – that I knew were killer – came in handy during my last semester of college when I was able to leave school to participate in an internship in Washington, DC.  I wanted to be a journalist, so my options came down to two places:  CNN or the Fox TV show, “America’s Most Wanted.”  CNN seemed obvious, but there was something about AMW that seemed fitting.  I followed my gut, and in January of 1999, packed up and moved to the nation’s capital.

During my time at AMW, I dabbled in everything from pitch meetings to writing scripts for the host, John Walsh.  When one of my pitches was accepted to air on the show, I was elated.  AMW also had a monthly magazine and I co-wrote the feature story on the piece I pitched.  I felt “official.”  I was a published writer and not yet out of college.

After graduation, I headed back to AMW to be a production assistant and then 18 months later, I snagged my first reporter gig back in West Virginia.  One year after that,  I moved to Savannah, GA for another reporter job.  That eventually led to a promotion to the morning news anchor position.  Two years later and I fell out of love with news; the career I thought I’d do forever felt taxing.  I left that job – and that career forever.  I transitioned into public relations where my love of writing continued to flourish.  Now, it’s what I do.  There have been some intentional pauses in my career, what, with bringing three beautiful girls into the world over a six-year period, but I can truly say I love writing and still love being on camera.  I’ve self-published two cookbooks and “ham it up” on my Youtube channel regularly.

I’m building my brand and business as a writer and I’m damn good at it.  Just imagine if I had let that one professor convince me that my skills were no good?  As difficult as that experience was, I gained a valuable lesson.  How you allow one person’s opinions to affect you is a choice.  That one professor’s C- opinion was nothing but her own disillusion, but that A+ professor’s take is what I allowed to make a difference.  Sure enough, it did, and I have 20 years of success to prove it.

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