Learn To Write, Edit, And Publish - Be A Triple Threat

The world of content marketing is like a battlefield. You need to be able to fight your way through the emerging competition and stay ahead of the game. So, keep on reading, and we will tell you how to become a triple threat by learning how to write, edit and publish. Are you ready?


Of course, as a writer, you write. But do you write productively and efficiently? If you are spending hours and hours on one particular project, then your hourly rate is not very appealing or viable. So check out these steps to help you master the logistics of writing to earn your rightful place in the competition.

1. Set Up Your Home Office

Before you even begin to write, you need to set up your home office. I get you; the perks of freelancing include being able to write from your favorite cafe, park, the beach, even. I couldn’t agree with you more, but trust me. If you want to get any actual work done, you need to treat this as a regular job and create your stable home office—more about setting up your ideal home space here.

2. Set Up Your Work Hours

Yes, I know. Why bother being a freelancer if you are going to have to work on a set schedule? I see your point, but again, if you do not commit to it, you will not make a living out of it. If you expect to work on it whenever you feel the inspiration or have some free time, you should definitely reconsider. It is a cutthroat competition out there; if you want to have a competitive edge, you must work hard. But don’t sulk. Just because you have to work x-hours per day does not mean it has to be strict office hours. You can drive to the beach, dive, and be back to work the night shift. Whatever works for you. As long as you have a set time each day and you meet your deadlines.

3. Research

If you think that being a content writer is sitting in front of your computer and frantically typing words and keywords, well, think again. Content writing begins long before you punch your first word, and it starts with thorough research on your topic. Successful content writers are the ones that create compelling content that the audience finds useful, valuable, and engaging. If you do not adequately research your topic, you will not give your audience the information they need.

4. Draft An Outline

You have your home office, you set your work hours, you research your topic, and you are ready to jump right into writing. Right? No! You cannot write logical text if you rush to your computer without an outline first. You need to know what you are going to say (research) and how you are going to say it (outline) before you actually say it (copy).

5. Write Your Copy

If you have completed steps 1-4, you are now permitted to sit down and write. Words are the only tool you have in your arsenal, so if you want to be a considerable threat in the war against other content writers and if you’re going to survive, you need to use them wisely. Each one of your sentences must be a compelling, riveting, mini literary masterpiece. Check these articles to learn how to write with rhythm, use powerful words, and master literary devices.


A copywriter’s job is never done with writing. So, do you write and then rest on your laurels? Well, you have it all wrong, and you will soon be knocked out of the competition. So, you need to do editing next if you want to stay on board the content writing wagon.

1. Use Editing Tools

You cannot call yourself a content writer if you do not edit your work. I agree, you are being paid to write and not edit, but if you keep delivering work that needs editing, you will soon be left without any clients. So, be a professional and invest in respectable editing software. Again, Grammarly is an excellent option and an excellent value for money.

2. Take A Step Back From Your Copy

Once you have edited your work using editing tools, it is now time to head to that favorite cafe of yours. Or the beach even. Do whatever you fancy, as long as you take a step back from your copy for a couple of hours. If your mind is tired and overwhelmed, you are bound to make mistakes. Editing tools cannot pick up missing words and cannot pick up incongruous content. And if you are too tired from it, neither will you.

3. Come Back And Re-Read Your Work

Once you have taken your well-deserved break, it is time to come back and re-read your work. Taking a fresh(er) look at it, you will be able to pinpoint things you do not like, sentences that do not flow, words that you forgot to include, and paragraphs that might be boring your readers to death. Fix all that, and run your copy through editing software one last time.


There are several platforms you can leverage to publish your content. You just pick the one that is the perfect fit for you and your copy. The most popular platforms are:

  1. Blog Posts

  2. Webpages

  3. Amazon Kindle

Many writers choose to produce copy for clients, many of us even ghostwrite, but can you imagine the power you have if you can publish your own work? Ghostwriting will never get your name known. Creating killer slogans that make a brand famous will also never put you in the spotlight. But imagine if you could publish your own work and have YOUR name on it? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Triple Threat

Yes, it is a battlefield out there. Our words are our weapons; some of us fare better than others. Some become sought-after writers that earn the big bucks, and some dissolve into oblivion. Which one will you be? Master the art of writing, editing, and publishing and become a triple threat! And while you are at it, do check out our Iris Writing Academy Courses to help you harness the power of words!