Is There A Budding Non-Fiction EBook Writer In You?

It might as well be titled “How To Write EBooks That Sells Like Hotcakes And Takes Less Time To Write.”

EBooks have exploded like a clap of thunder that reverberated throughout the entire digital world. Now, readers of all ages can pick up an eBook and dive into an author’s imaginary world or seek solace in another author’s words of comfort or encouragement.

One of the more explosive types of eBooks is the non-fiction eBooks. Authors, established or otherwise are putting their knowledge, experience, memoirs and expertise into an electronic book that people can learn from, take heed from, be aware of and acquire a great amount of information. But are people buying? The answer appears to be, yes.

Many people spend lots of money on non-fiction eBooks for whatever reason they may have. For me, I like reading eBooks. If I find one, I order and click download! It’s that easy. In a few seconds, there’s this beautiful page on my screen with about a hundred pages.

Now for the real test

Did I just purchase a masterpiece with real substance and life lessons? Or did I just download a piece of already-known and been-there-done-that material?

Looking at it, I realize Maybe, I can write better than this so-called author! But could I? Do I have what it takes to write a thought-provoking cathartic eBook? Maybe all it takes are just a few writers tips on how to start with that non-fiction eBook.

  1. Set the environment and the mood

It’s easy to get distracted by just about anything these days. And unless you own a nice little log cabin up in the woods where you can be distraction-free, you have to make your own serene environment.

  1. Don’t show me the money

Cuba Gooding Jr. would love for us to show him the topics that would bring in the big bucks. But it might be one that’s already been written about every single week, like diet books or the benefits of green tea. It’s not always about the money.

Write about topics you consider yourself as a mini-expert or topics you love writing about. If you’re an animal-lover, how about an animal reincarnation topic? Remember, consider your target audience. Is there one?

  1. Do your homework and research

If you’re stumped at topics, go to your favorite blogs or E-zines. That should give you a lightbulb. Once you’ve decided on a topic, you still need to do your research. You never know the little bits of extra information and fact-checking could do.

A good research will come up with correct facts and statistics. Know which ones sound fictitious and which ones seem legit. Some authors will create impact-sounding data but were all made up.

But don’t overdo the research. You could be giving your readers an information overload that they can’t handle. Plus too much research could eat up most of your writing time.

Your research should also include eBooks with the same topics as yours. Check out the competition and scan the table of contents. You will find ideas to focus on, avoid and even add.

  1. Composition 101

We’ve all been taught back in high school: before doing your composition, create an outline. Break it down to about 10 to 15 short chapters rather that 5 lengthy ones.

  1. Still stuck

If you’re still at page one, with nothing going through your typing fingers, here’s one of the best writing tips I’ve ever learned: Write your eBook like you were speaking directly to one particular reader. It’s like emailing directly. What would you like to say to him? This person is now your entire target audience. Write as if you were giving this person a private consultation on your topic.

Writers mistakenly think they’re writing for the entire web audience. Unfortunately, it’s not for everybody.

  1. Speaking of relatable…

Another great idea is making your topic relatable to your audience. People love reading about the rags-to-riches journey of a young tycoon. How did he do it? Who didn’t make a successful attempt at a business? People want to emulate how a drop-out made his first million but they also want to know how to avoid a failed one.

  1. Timing is everything

Sometimes, your topic should coincide with a major event or breaking news. You could ride on this wave and get in on the free buzz. Think like a newspaper’s features editor and come up with material that is timely. Hollywood loves doing this. Horror movies come out in October while Christmas-themed movies come before the year ends. It’s almost the holidays, you could write about thanksgiving turkey alternatives to non-cooks.

  1. Make it personal, make it funny

It’s less taxing if you make it personal. There’s less research involved. Add an embarrassing event or an emotional period in your life.

You could also make it funny. They say comedy is no laughing matter because it’s hard to be funny. If you can’t be hilarious, at least be witty. Everybody loves a few snickers.

  1. And finally

A good writer creates some sort of relationship with his readers. Make them come back for more of your writing just like a child coming back for more of grandma’s pudding.

Remember, a quality product will sell if it is well written. Your eBook’s merits will give you a satisfaction that you’ve offered honest value-for-money material. Try it out and see what eBook you can come up with. And don’t forget to cross your fingers.

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