Is SEO Everything You Wanted It To Be? (5 Secrets Only Content Creators Know)

SEO is like Superman in the world of online marketing. Superman is there to save the day, rescue the city, and wow the girl while he is at it.

SEO is like that. SEO is the Superman of your marketing, here to save your law firm, improve your organic traffic, impress your readers and bring you to the top of the SERPs. Superman is fantastic, and you can definitely rely on him unless, of course, there is kryptonite. Because, when there is kryptonite, you soon discover that Superman is not everything you wanted it to be and has many weaknesses indeed.

Just like Superman, SEO is NOT everything you wanted it to be, and here is why.

1. SEO Keeps Changing

If you are currently trying to invest in an SEO marketing strategy, you know how fast things can change and how your hard-vested SEO efforts can quickly turn sour. However, no matter where you stand on the SEO debate, there is one universal truth that everyone seems to agree: the search engines’ arena is constantly evolving, and the algorithms they use are continuously improved and altered.

Something new always comes up, and just when you thought that your website was up and perfectly running, ranking high in the SERPs, you discover that it is not. If you thought you could invest in an SEO strategy and then simply rest on your laurels, you are deeply mistaken. You need to remain vigilant and constantly monitor your SEO optimization; otherwise, your marketing will have no long-term effects.

2. Results Take Too Much Time To Show

Investing in an SEO strategy requires lots of patience. Results from optimizing your website for search engines can take up to 6 months to show. This is six months of painstakingly working on SEO, monitoring it, adjusting it, and changing it to remain aligned with the new algorithms as they emerge. As a result, smaller firms are wary of investing so much time, money, and energy in a marketing strategy that will take so much time to show results.

To see a 5% increase in your organic traffic, your website must jump on the first page of SERPs. If it is anywhere further down the line than that, you need to consider if it is worth the time and the budget invested. For example, if your website jumps from position 45 to position 25, it is still on page 3 or 4 of the search engine’s results. Jumping 20 spots are great, but if you are still on page 4, then maybe you should invest in a different marketing strategy.

3. You Cannot Compete With Big Brands

SEO marketing is fantastic and will help increase your organic traffic; if you are a million-dollar brand investing in such a strategy. However, the search engines’ landscape is continuously evolving, and it takes a dedicated expert team to keep up with the changes. What this amounts to is a new SEO strategy every fortnight.

Nevertheless, smaller brands cannot compete with big brands in this respect. Smaller firms do not have the luxury of having an in-house SEO team and cannot afford to hire a full-time freelance one. According to Forbes, the least amount of money a firm should invest monthly is around 750 USD, equating to nearly 10 000 USD per year. This is a significant portion of a company’s marketing budget for a slight increase in organic traffic, as Seach Engine Journal indicates.

4. Optimization Is More Than Just Keywords

SEO strategies are hard to execute. Proper optimization is so much more than just a bunch of keywords stuffed together on your website.

There are so many variables that you must take into consideration when optimizing your webpage for search engines. For example, you must consider increasing your domain authority, optimizing your page for mobile users, and making your page viewer-friendly and easy to navigate.

As a result, focusing on keywords and assuming that your SEO job is done, would be a great misconception. SEO is not everything you thought it would be, and it is in fact, so much more.

5. SEO Is Not Enough

Your organic traffic will increase with a successful SEO strategy, and your websites’ visibility will significantly improve. However, if your website has a few strategically placed keywords surrounded by useless fluff, your readers will bounce quicker than you can say SEO.

Humans are experts at adapting, and they have adjusted to quickly scanning a website and deciding within seconds if it is of any real value to them. Sure, SEO will bring in viewers, but keeping them there to consume your content, is a whole different story.

If your content is not valuable, interesting, engaging, informative, and appealing, all the keywords in the world are not enough to keep your readers hooked. SEO is not enough. Or at least SEO is not enough to convince your clients to convert.

Your readers will only stick around long enough to ultimately convert if your content is of any real value to them.

Batman And Superman

SEO is like Superman. Superman can be fantastic, but he is not perfect. He has his weaknesses. In fact, he is not everything we want him to be. But you know what is excellent about Superman? How well he works with Batman.

Content writing is the Batman of the digital marketing world. When Superman and Batman work together, they can do wonders.

So, if you find that SEO is not everything you wanted it to be, and you do not see the results you expected, maybe you should trust your law firm’s marketing in the hands of expert content writers.

Here, at Iris-Writing, we have a team of excellent writers who will create the type of content that will hook and rivet your audience. Contact us today, and let us tell you how we can help skyrocket your law firm’s business circle. Because Batman can usually do what Superman cannot.