Is Content Taken Over by AI? Where Does This Leave Us?

As content writers, our most important responsibility in a content marketing industry is content creation. Content creation is defined as ‘the contribution of information to any media, especially digital media, for an audience in specific contexts. While content marketing is a resilient industry, the strategies that are used are usually affected by the change in technology. One such technology that may affect content writers is Artificial Intelligence or AI.

Over the past several decades, lots of organizations have made use of robots and other machines because they perform more efficiently than humans. AI was typically used in industries such as medicine, aerospace, software engineering, as well as manufacturing. No one had thought that there would be any such thing as a ‘robo-writer’. However, now it has become a reality, there are AI algorithms out there that can write stories as well as articles.

Is AI Entering the Content Marketing Field?

AI has established itself in the journalism sector, and many media outlets are using robo-writing to create content quickly. For example, the algorithm ‘Quakebot’ is used by the Los Angeles times to evaluate geological data and then create a report on earthquakes. Forbes magazine uses the Quill platform of Narrative Science to create financial reports at the end of each quarter.

What’s more, according to studies conducted by Karlstad University in Sweden, people fail to differentiate between the news content generated by AI and the ones written by journalists. This is because, with the help of AI methodologies and natural language processing, these algorithms are able to mimic the way a human mind thinks while writing.

These AI algorithms are considered to be very cost-effective for the companies since they can generate accurate reports in little to no time. Many organizations may begin to use them to create content for marketing. However, one key thing to remember is that being a journalist is not the same thing as being a content writer. There is a stark difference between brand storytelling and reporting the world events. Hone your storytelling ability and keep working on your skills – just an important writer’s tip that you should bear in mind.

Important Writers’ Tips to Keep in Mind

With AI taking over the copywriting industry, it is understandable why you may be worried about your job as a content writer. Here are a few writers’ tips to lend you a helping hand in these situations.

  1. AI does not have feelings.

The content that is the most efficient for grabbing the attention of the audience is the one that evokes feelings in them. The AI algorithms do not know or understand feelings, but we as content writers do. One of the ways in which you can forge a connection with your audience is by using personal stories. When you share your personal experiences, you are creating content that the audience can relate to. By sharing your personal anecdotes, you are empathizing with your audience, which in turn deepens your connection.

  1. AI does not have imagination.

AI can only create a report based on the information that is available to them. They are able to create reports so quickly because they are only rehashing the information and ideas. Since they lack imagination and creativity, they are not capable of making any interesting connections. On the other hand, we as content writers are inherently curious – always trying to learn something new about the world. It is our imagination and creativity that helps us generate new ideas and content.

  1. AI can only integrate information.

One of the other tools in the content writer’s arsenal is the stories of past customers. To make this story come alive, you will need critical thinking skills as well as feel a personal connection with the client. AI cannot make any personal connections with the customers because they do not have any feelings. They only now how to assimilate all the information they have access to, nothing more.

Even if AI enters the content marketing industry, the onus of generating new ideas and creating content that evokes emotion lies solely on content writers. Take full advantage of these writers’ tips and create better content than AI algorithms.