Is Blogging Going to Survive 2020?

Information is becoming faster and easier to consume, will this leave room for blogging to survive in 2020?

Well, we’ve gathered some tips for writers in 2020 that may help keep the written word alive and well.

First and foremost, blogging is unlikely to die off in the near future because it’s evolving just like everything else. Just as video entertainment changed from corporation driven sitcoms aimed to sell toothpaste during the commercial break, it evolved to user-created content that just happened to have commercials tacked onto the beginning of the video. Blogging will continue, the shape of it will just change.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen the number of active blogs multiply exponentially. However, that doesn’t imply an oversaturated market. Regardless of the number of competitors, a good blog will take off and a miss managed one will be overlooked.

Here are some tips for writers in 2020 to make sure that their blog can survive.

Be Passionate About What You Write

This may seem trite, but the number one condition of any blog is that it should be based around something you’re passionate about. If you aim to collect a paycheck, then unless you’re extremely lucky, you’re not going to have a fun or profitable time running a blog.

If you maintain a positive attitude and enjoy solving problems or sharing your story through writing, then there are avenues to monetize your blog. It will take time to make any money, but if you’re writing because you want to, then the money will show up eventually anyway.

If you’re passionate about writing, then you’re going to write regardless of deadlines and potential monetary windfalls, this is when you’re going to develop a successful blog.

You Can Be Your Own Boss

One of the main reasons why blogging will not die out is because it offers the possibility of becoming your own boss.

Before you make any retirement plans from your day job, keep in mind that blogging takes time to build up momentum. You may see a lot of get-rich-quick schemes around blogging, but they don’t ever pay out.

You generally see these types of schemes in blogs that have little content, mismatched content, poor quality content, of is just pure advertising.

Because these blogs don’t have a focus, they can’t grow a loyal following, and just add to the sea of blogs clogging up the market.

Being your own boss, you can decide what you write about, publish it, and then your readers will have access to it any time of the day.

If you write about something you truly believe in then people will relate to it, they’ll build a rapport with you. When you have gathered enough readers, then this is when you can start generating an income.

Now you can start using blog ads and affiliate marketing to bring in an income from your blog. Once you have the readership following you, then you can decide on what direction to take your blog, because you’re the boss.

Reading is Still Alive

Despite videos becoming more accessible, reading is not going to go out of style. One of the tips for writers in 2020 is to remember that they will always have an audience.

If you’re waking up on Sunday, and you want to make the perfect french toast, you can of course just look it up online and sit through a video with a whimsical host, but really, you just want to eat.

So you search for “French Toast Recipe” where you’ll find a blog that lists the ingredients and directions. You don’t want to sit through a three-minute video where the first minute is an intro. You want to know that you need eggs, bread, cinnamon, milk, and how to combine them.

Blogging will most like change in how it’s presented though.

Given the french toast example, you’ll probably see more 300-word snippet style articles for quick information gathering versus the standard 500-1000 word articles.

These shorter articles will serve as little info dumps for the casual reader and will be used to pump out content without reducing the quality.

There will also still be a need for longer-form articles that range in the 1000+ word range.

These will be the articles that do a deep dive into a subject that will provide an in-depth analysis providing valuable information. These articles will build a relationship with your audience, and if they are written with passion, creating followers of your work.

Blogging Drives Traffic

In terms of tips for writers in 2020, this may be the most important for honing your writing talents. Blogs generate traffic for businesses.

Even if you decide to just freelance your writing skills, businesses will be in demand for your services because they want people to come to their site.

If you’re good at inserting keywords that are trending, then you can start directing viewers straight to a blog. If the blog has quality content, then these viewers are converted into customers.

As long as people are searching for information on the Internet, blogs will be a source, allowing them to survive long past 2020.