How to Write What You Love Even When You Hate the Topic

All wrıters have faced this problem. It is difficult to write on demand, and sometimes it can even feel impossible when the subject is not aligned with your interests.

However, as a writer, you will have to develop content that you are not crazy about. Today we bring you some writing tips to help you get through the moments you are sure there is nothing more to say.

I look at this problem the same way I look at writer’s block. We have all developed some techniques that can help us push through.

Today we are sharing some of the most popular techniques as writing tips that will guide you to write about anything, even if you hate the topic.

1.   Understand that Every Experience Helps You Grow

It is inevitable, you will sometimes hate what you have to do. Ok, hate is a strong word, but sometimes you are not inspired, the topic appears boring and the research daunting.

Just like everything else in life though, it will help you grow. You can train your mind to push through such emotions and learn something new in the process.

2.  Eliminate Distractions

When we are not in love with a task we procrastinate. Sometimes assignments that should have taken less than an hour, take up an entire day.

Think of it like this, if you are not going to love the process, keep it as short as possible. No need to let it drag on all day.

3. Find the Opportunity

No matter what you are writing about, you can spare a few lines to write something inspirational or connect it to a real story.

This is one of the most important writing tips. It will expand your horizons and point you to new opportunities.

Usually, when we feel that strongly against a topic is because we are not familiar with it, and we are worried. We do not know how to start and we let it cause us anxiety.

If we understand this, then we can seize the opportunity to learn and grow with every topic we write.

4. Pick a New Environment

There are many writing tips out there, but this one is very important.

When we choose to work in a place where we feel at peace, and we can focus easier, then the task becomes less stressful.

You might not fall in love with your topic, but you will fall in love with the experience, the smell of coffee, the soft music and the ultra-modern furniture.

Go to a coffee shop that you love, or even sit outside in nature.

5. Music

Music is a must for me. I usually pick instrumental pieces designed to increase my focus level.

I let the music set the tone and the mood and then I pretend that I am a Private Investigator who needs to research and write about a case.

If you can’t love the topic, you have to fall in love with the process.

6. Coffee

…or tea, or a smoothie. Anything that can stimulate your taste and smell sensors.

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses.

For me, coffee is a must. It reminds me that I am about to create something and my brain responds favorably to the smell.

Find out what works for you and use it. Again, if you can’t love the topic, love the process.

7. Research and Interview

Most writers are in love with research and the learning process. Besides, the more we know about, the more projects we can take on.

Do not focus on the topic, instead put your energy in researching and you will soon have enough information to stop dreading the topic.

Sometimes topics we hate are a good opportunity to speak to others and pick their brains.

So, for example, if you had to write a piece about a war, and history is not your strong point, why not look for someone who fought in the war and take an interview?

Alternatively, look for perhaps a professor who might be an expert on the subject and take the time to interview that person.

This is just a short list of writing tips to help you write with love, even when the subject is not your favorite.

The list of possible little hacks you can do is endless, and each one of us has to find the magic little formulae that works for them.


Do not choose inaction.

  1. You are not going to fall in love with a topic by doing nothing and waiting for inspiration. You need to go out there and find a reason to love the topic

  2. You will not getting it done by feeling sorry for yourself

  3. You will not stop hating a subject by procrastinating. On the contrary, it will create more anxiety and make the process even harder.

Fall in love with the process, not the topic.

This is bullet proof writing tip that will make writing any subject fun!