How To Shine As A Blogger: Follow The Structure Of A Great Business Blog Post

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So, when you start writing your own posts to supplement your Fast and Easy Social Marketing campaign, make sure you follow this structure.

Step 1: choose a controversial/ interesting topic

A great blog post is something that will have people think or that will solve a problem others can’t. So don’t be afraid of bringing forward your own opinion on an issue of your industry or of launching a challenge for your readers. No matter how boring you think your industry might be, there will always be exciting news, controversial issues or other ideas that can stimulate people to interact, exchange opinions, take stances.

Step 2: write a great opening

A great blog post is nothing without a great introduction. Why not make it more than great, and create a gripping one? You need something that will pull your readers in. This should be short and snappy and basically summarize the article, present its purpose.

Do you intend to offer practical advice about using a certain product or service? In this case, it is highly recommended you started with a line that presents your readers with a problem. In the next line, tell them your product/ service is the solution to that problem. Everything will then flow naturally. You can also have different other forms of introductions. Whether it is the promise of success or a personal example that supports a point you are trying to make, without a good introduction, your readers will prefer to go read the next blog.

 Step 3: follow with a great text body

Now, let’s face the facts: most online readers usually scan; they don’t sit and properly read from head to start. Unless …you keep it short and sweet. It is actually very easy to do that. If you create the body of a text that has no paragraph breaks, no one will really get to the end of your post. But, if you break it with bullet points, sub- headers and as many paragraphs as you can, you will make sure your content is more readable.

Maybe not all your blog viewers will read all of your posts. Some will stick to the title, others will go past it and stop at the introduction. There will be those that, while scanning will be enticed by a certain bullet point and this will draw them further into your text. And don’t forget, the length of your body text is also important. Try not to keep it over 400 words.

Step 4: don’t forget closing or summary paragraph

You are now reaching a conclusion. Make it short and professional; tell your readers why you have focused on that particular aspect of your industry in that post. Or offer a short round-up of what you’ve been talking about, this will be quite helpful.

Step 5: now create the headline

This step actually pretty much depends on how you are as a writer. Many people are so well organized in their writing process that they can start their text with the title and then write everything from that. Others prefer to have the title after the entire post was written, when they have a better idea of how the text has flown.

Either way, the point is your headline may very well be the most important thing about your blog post. This is what your readers come in contact with first either in mailbox, RSS feed or tweets.

Make sure you create a punchy headline. Many business bloggers tend to ask questions in their headlines. It can be very efficient and can actually keep readers glued to the rest of your entry.

Or you can have a short title that asks a question and promises an answer in your text.

In any way, try not to make it boring, apologetic or complicated, with industry jargon that will keep readers away.

To conclude, it is not very difficult to have quality blog posts, provided you follow these simple rules. Combined with a good choice of topic, these techniques will help you shine as a blogger and offer your readers quality words they will appreciate as coming from a real industry expert.

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