How To Create And Change Voice In Your Online Content

‘I am looking for bloggers with a distinct voice.’ ‘Searching for authors with a unique voice.’ How many times have you come across such advertisements searching for writers, authors and bloggers with an inimitable voice? I’m betting a lot.

So what is voice in writing? Voice simply means the unique way a writer puts words together. It gives the reader a sense of how the writer looks at the world.

Voice is something unique and authentic to each and every writer. It’s what makes your blog post, your article or your short story stand out from the sea of clutter. It’s that extra oomph factor that makes readers want to come back and read other things you’ve written.

Most importantly, your writing voice is what makes the reader feel like you’re talking to them.

How To Create and Develop your Voice

Several online writing tips suggest that you should write the way you talk. Unfortunately, this is a sure-shot recipe for disaster. Yes, you can incorporate some words that you use while talking to a friend but you can’t write exactly the way you talk.

Why? Because we use slang and swear words and make grammar mistakes while talking to our friends. We tend to use short forms of words or simply stop talking mid-sentence. And you can’t use slang and swear words or make grammatical errors while crafting content for a client.

So how can you create and develop your unique voice while writing online content? Here are some online writing tips:

  1. Free-write for 5 minutes. Just go crazy and write however and whatever comes to your mind. Set your words free. Let your heart speak. When you’re done, read what you wrote. Pay attention to the kind of words you used and the tone of your voice. Your choice of words and tone serve as the foundation of your writing voice.

  2. Describe your personality in 3 words and try to show your personality in your writing.

  3. Imagine your client or company’s ideal reader. Describe them in your own words. Then, write to them while penning content.

  4. Examine 5 books you love. Pay special attention to how the authors wrote their novels. Often the authors we love are the ones we want to imitate. You can use their writing voice as an inspiration to develop your own distinct voice.

  5. Combine shorter sentences with longer ones in order to create a dynamic effect.

  6. Write quickly. Just put pen to paper and let the words flow naturally. Then, spend ample time editing and making your online content concise, clear and grammatically correct.

  7. Read your content aloud. Does it sound natural? Does it sound like you’re speaking to your client’s ideal reader? Many online writing tips suggest reading your work aloud before submitting it.

How to Change your Voice

The brutal truth is few writers only stick to one voice. Usually, different editors demand the use of different kinds of writing voice. An editor working for a technology firm will need no-nonsense, no fluff articles. A fashion label might need blogs written by someone with a flowery and descriptive writing voice. You get the picture.

How can you change your writing voice according to your client’s needs? Here are some useful online writing tips that will help you achieve that:

  1. Image your client’s ideal reader.

  2. Now use a little imagination to become a friend of the reader’s. If the ideal reader is an 18-year-old girl from Texas then become the friend of that 18-year-old girl from Texas.

  3. Before your start writing, look at the writing voice of the client’s previous blog posts, articles and website content. Try to imitate it.

  4. Spend ample time editing. Pay close attention to your choice of words and tone of voice. Does it mimic the client’s previous blogs? Will it appeal to the client’s readers?

Wrapping it Up

Why is a writing voice so important in online content? Because it makes a writer stand out. It helps a blogger connect with their readers. Once a writer forms an authentic connection with its readers, they will want to come back and read their favorite writer’s articles. And this is how loyal audiences are created.

Moreover, editors are always on the lookout for writers who can express themselves in an effective manner. A powerful voice enables you to communicate your ideas, thoughts and feelings in a very precise manner.

Go ahead. Write. Find your special writing voice. It’s a journey of self-discovery.

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