How To Be A Content Idea Generating Machine

For a writer never running out of content ideas is comparable to having a tree that grows money! Okay,  maybe the tree that grows money is more appealing.

Imagine if you could have a constant flow of content ideas, allowing you to never suffer from writer’s block. By now we would like to believe that everyone knows that content is king!

Without constant, fresh, and quality content a business is risking going unnoticed and failing.

That is good news for writers because they are in demand, but this demand is pushing the limits of creativity. If you are working for someone else as a writer this might not be a huge issue right now because your client will usually provide a list of subjects.

Sometimes, however, writers might have to pitch topics. Or you might have a blog, or be a business owner who needs fresh content daily to keep people coming back to the website.

Whichever your case might be, keep reading for the answers.

Be Bold

Let’s define this better. You need to ask the questions no one else is asking in the industry. This technique alone can be a thesaurus of content. Taboo questions, questions that are hard to answer, or questions that no one else has thought of are an instant traffic magnet.

If you search for a topic, you will find tons of articles covering the same information. Some offer more details but ultimately it is the same information repeatedly.

Be the writer who goes that extra mile.

Your audience will respect you for this and any competition will no longer be a thread.

Let’s take, for example, the very sensitive topic of parenting. It is difficult to write about this in a transparent way because most parents are certain their way is the best.

This is not to accuse any parents, as we are sure most parents are doing what they know best for their children.

However, here you have a golden opportunity to ask questions that most people do not want to touch.


Signs That You Might Have to Consider Your Parenting Style is Ineffective

How to Correct Your Parenting Behavior

There is a tendency to believe that people want to read positive content, or content that only confirms that they are on the right path. But in reality, parents spend countless hours browsing the web trying to find out if they are doing it right.

Some parents know they are making a lot of mistakes. They need help and guidance. You can be the bold writer who pushes the topic to the surface.

We can apply these methods to many subjects. Just think, as a reader and what is it you would like to read about. Then research and develop that.

Bring out of the closet all the hidden skeletons and you see that this practice alone offers yours you a bottomless well of content ideas.

2. Disagree

It is nice when we all agree all the time. It is reassuring that we are doing the right things, right?

But it is boring. A room full of ‘yes’ people will get boring fast.

As a writer, you have the power to make the reader consider new points of view.

Even if you are part of the ‘yes’ pool yourself, disagree.

Develop content that goes against the trends.

Let’s take for example investing. Mostly everyone agrees that investing is a sound, responsible decision we can all make for our future.



5 Reasons Investing is not a Good Idea

10 Cases Where Investing Destroyed Families

Nothing is bulletproofed, people know there is a dark side to everything. They want to read about it to feel that they are making educated decisions.

Writers have the power to bring that information to the world.

3. Predict

Become a “futurist” and dip your mind in the possibilities of the future.

Mostly there is plenty of content on how to do things now.

What about the future? These articles are not only fun but people, early adopters especially, are always on the lookout for such information. They make great conversation starters. They are lighter articles to write as they are mostly based on speculation.

Every industry has a future so there is no end to the content you can develop if you become a “futurist”.


Is the current school curriculum relevant to the future?

Is teaching or self-learning more effective for the future we dream about?

One of the best examples is Wired Magazine that built an empire on content going viral based on future predictions. They became an international media brand by predicting.

Their predictions are not always correct, but it gives readers a lot to think and talk about with their friends (and look smart while doing so).

Final Thoughts

Do not limit yourself to where the trends are heading. Be a trendsetter.

Challenge ideas and ask hard questions.

Speculate and do research.

Take an idea and reverse it, explore everything from a different point of view.

Not only this will generate massive amounts of content, but it will make the process extremely fun for you.

What are some hard questions you can ask in 2020?