Great Online Writers and How They Started

Content marketing has become the norm. It is a defining tool for lead generation, brand awareness, engagement and sales. It is the content that puts your brand ahead of others and it is the content that renders you a thought leader in your industry. Today’s great online writers are smart marketers who are going all out to utilize every tool they can to reach their audiences. They’re always coming up with new blogs, pictures, videos and so on.

Among everyone in the content marketing bubble, here are the people we think are the best online writers today.

Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is the founder of several startups, including leading content marketing educational resource, Content Marketing Institute – one of the fastest growing business media companies. Not only does Joe Pulizzi write one of the most influential blogs on the planet, he is also a top LinkedIn Influencer and writers for Back in the early 2000’s, Joe coined the term “content marketing.” Today that is a philosophy that drives some of the most powerful marketing campaigns on the planet.

Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow left behind a career in real estate to become the Associate Editor of He also created a guest blogging course. According to Jon, the key to success is discovering what is important to you and then fighting for your ideas. His personal circumstances are inspirational.

Steve Rayson

Steve Rayson is the director and owner of the popular tool, BuzzSumo. The tool was designed to help content marketers and online writers create stellar content by understanding what content resonates with their audiences and which influencers can amplify that content.

Robert Rose

Robert Rose is the Content Marketing Institute’s Chief Strategy Officer. He has published several books. Robert’s aim is to create experiences for people – be it business or artistically – in order to impact the person and get the chance to experience your role in a new creation, a philosophy his grandfather taught him.

Stephanie Tilton

Stephanie Tilton is one of the expert online writers when it comes to crafting white papers and case studies and persuasive copy that engages prospective customers. With almost 20 years’ experience in B2B marketing, her finely honed writing skills are something to behold. Her best-practice marketing articles have appeared on sites such as BNET, SalesVantage and American Marketing Association.

Want to Rank Among the Best Online Writers?

Ask any of these writers and they will tell you it is important to develop your own voice. Look around and decide which writers or bloggers really speak to your soul. Really analyze their techniques and writing styles and determine:

  1. Why their headlines grab attention

  2. How they draw readers in?

  3. How their writing is structured?

  4. How do they close their writing with calls-to-action?

Set to work crafting your own voice by studying your heroes and their technique. Don’t just copy these great writers, though, learn from them. Learn about them and let them inspire you to create your own style. You could be next on the list of great online writers.

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