Get Your Writing Tips from Harry Potter’s Creator

Before Harry Potter became a huge success, Joanne Rowling was just a regular 9 to 5 worker fighting to find some spare time to write between doing her job and being a single mother. Today, Forbes claims that the 51-year-old author’s net worth is $95 million. But JK Rowling didn’t have a swift and easy climb to success. In fact, she dealt with rejection, criticism, depression, financial difficulties and her mother’s death. Still, the British writer persevered with her passion and is now a household name.

There is a lot we can learn from her. Here is a list of the 10 best writing tips from JK Rowling:

  1. Don’t ever quit writing something out of the fear of rejection. In a recent tweet, the Harry Potter creator stated that she wished someone had told her to continue writing even if she thought no one would read her work. Scared of what you’re scribbling down? Write it anyway.

  2. Write in your spare time. Writers often work regular 9 to 5 jobs before making the switch to full-time scribe. Rowling insists that budding novelists should write in their spare time while doing their jobs.

  3. Read, read and then read some more. To become a successful author, it’s essential to read as much as you can.

  4. One of the best writing tips from JK Rowling is to write what you’re passionate about. Rowling famously said, “What you write becomes who you are … So make sure you love what you write.” Also, write what you know about. It could be your beliefs, your interests, your hobbies, even your pet. You never know when and where inspiration might strike.

  5. Persevere. You’re going to face a lot of rejections before any of your work gets published. That’s okay.

  6. Re-write as many times as you can. Surprisingly, Rowling rewrote her first chapter an astonishing 15 times before she was satisfied with it! As a writer, rewriting, editing and proofreading are essential.

  7. Finish that novel even if you feel like you can’t because once you’re done with it, you will be truly proud of yourself for finishing a piece of creative work. Isn’t that awesome? You would have written a whole novel as opposed to trying to or thinking of writing one. The discipline and perseverance that comes from penning a book cannot be learned, it has to be done. Moreover, the experience will help you write your second book.

  8. Plan your plot in advance. Rowling actually wrote the first Harry Potter book after creating the plot. In fact, she planned the story of all seven books even before embarking to write her first one! Now that’s some serious planning.

  9. Be disciplined. Cherish and guard your designated writing time. Don’t get distracted.

  10. Be patient. It might take a long time for your book to finally find a publisher but in the end, the wait will be worth it.

While you might not be the next JK Rowling (actually, you never know!) these writing tips are sure to keep you on track to publish your next big novel. While creativity is a vital ingredient to being a successful author, perseverance, discipline, planning your plot, being patient and facing rejection are equally important. Now go forth and be the wordsmith you always dreamed of becoming.