Freelancing as a Writer: What Are the Best Online Resources for Finding Work Online?

Are you going through a mid-year writing slump? Feel like there aren’t any blog posts that pay over $5 out there? We’re here to spread a little sunshine.

Trends have shifted in 2016. That means it’s time to look at different resources for writing opportunities, and even specific niches.

Before we get to the list we have two pieces of advice to get you through the rest of the year:

  1. Try complex topics – stop writing about pets/books/travel/yourself and all the other topics everyone can write about. Try tackling difficult topics that fewer writers can handle.

  2. Bigger is better – many writers desperate for work write for small businesses, local publications and the like. If you want to actually make money freelancing, you need to start pitching to bigger clients who come with bigger budgets.

The Top 2016 Resources for Finding Work Online

  1. White Papers

Find a business with a complex product or service and there are white papers to be written. It has been reported that 68 percent of Business to Business marketers use white papers. Rates for papers range from around $0.50 a word to $500 per page.

Tip: look for startups that can’t afford a pro and propose a paper that will help their brand gain visibility.

  1. Case Studies

Any company that sells something needs customer success stories that describe their product or service as the best on the market. Writers can earn as much as $1,000 for a paid case study.

Tip: small businesses and nonprofits often can’t afford to hire a writer but need the case studies. Volunteer to do one to get a sample into your portfolio.

  1. Blogging a la Longform

Blogs are getting longer, aren’t they? Content marketers have learned that Google does not favor short posts but rewards those sites who offer in-depth, insightful information. This offers a better opportunity for writers to make more money blogging. Pack your longer blogs with useful information, graphics and unique research and you could potentially earn $200 – $400 per piece.

  1. Web Content

If you can pen a sales page, or landing page, that brings in more revenue for the client, you’re going to earn well. Some writers charge in excess of $1,000 for a longer sales page.

If you’re not a fan of sales copy, there are still plenty of opportunities with static web content.

What Sites Should a Freelance Writer Be Looking at?

This is a pretty tough one to answer, as we all have our views on different freelance sites. Some of the top paying sites this year seem to be:

  1. Funds for Writers – pays around $50 for original pieces.

  2. Make a Living Writing – pays $75 per blog and $100 for longer posts on specific topics

  3. The Write Life – you will need to negotiate your rate, but the pay can be worth it

  4. WOW! Women on Writing – pars from $50 to $150 per post

  5. Writer’s Weekly – pays from $60 for features

Final Word

Don’t believe all the negativity out there. Freelance rates aren’t through the floor. There are still great paying gigs out there, you just need to know the types of writing that are in demand in 2016.

Are you a freelance writer? Which sites have you had success with?

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