Fast and Easy Social Marketing Tips To Help Give Your Business A Much Needed Boost

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

1.  Draw up a plan.

When it comes to social marketing, planning is of the essence. Take the time to clearly define your targets (what your social marketing strategy is supposed to do for your company) and ponder on the best ways to meet them.

Keep in mind that your strategy needs to consist of strategies on when you should react to comments about your brand or company, who should act in response, how you should do it and at what point.

2. Find the right voice.

First, you should make a distinction between your own voice and the “voice” of your company. This doesn’t mean you should lose the human element, but merely that your personal brand and your company brand shouldn’t overlap.

Success in social media is all about brand identity. The manner in which you choose to conduct your social media activities will characterize who you are as a company. Try and keep your addressing tone and conversational manner steady and make sure you are constant in all your postings, no matter on what platforms they are.

 3.  Make a name for yourself.

Make a name for your company by being active and building buzz in the world of social media.  Tricks for fast and easy social marketing include providing useful tips or exclusive social media promotions, recruiting new fans or rewarding your loyal “followers”. It may sound obvious, but a defining feature of the internet is how it enables people with similar interests to connect. Users will have conversations about everything and anything, including your company. Through joining in these conversations, businesses can improve brand and customer engagement.

4. Use the power of social interaction.

Remember, the true power of social marketing lies in closer and more effective social interaction. Check out the Facebook pages or Twitter streams of major companies and you will see how much they value direct interaction with prospects and customers.

5. Make it useful for your potential clients

Whichever social marketing strategy you go for, make it creative. Also, remember that your social media presence isn’t just about self-promotion and marketing, it is about  building connections and relationships. You will definitely get a ROI increase when your visitors start asking you for your input or advice. This means you have done your job and established yourself as an expert, the first person they think of when they’re looking for information in your field. Give them tips they need, info on specific products or services relevant to your area of expertise.

6. Test & revise.

Some social media are more effective than others, depending on your particular targets. Google Analytics can help you keep track of your results on each social media profile, to find out which work best for you. It’s no use spreading yourself thin, trying to cover all the bases. It’s much better to focus on a number of social networks, likely to yield the best results.

Putting social media’s potential for marketing to good use can make a world of difference for your company. However, remember, it’s not enough to set up a profile and get a widget, you need an effective social media strategy and the know-how to implement it.