Essential Tips For Keeping The Best Paying Customers With Quality Writing

Customers are smart. They can figure out which products are the best in the industry with a few mouse clicks. They’re tech-savvy. They’re bold. They’re critical. And they can differentiate between nonsense and valuable information.

Customers know when writers are stuffing a blog with fluff and when they’re actually offering useful information. So you need to be on your toes with every content you publish on the web.

Every content writing advice available online stresses on the importance of two things: Research and quality writing. These are the two things that will make your writing crisp, clear and shareable.

Ok, so you’re good with research, but how can you improve your writing? How can you ensure that your best paying customers continue to read your articles?

Fret not, we’ve created a list of five ways you can improve your writing. Ready for some priceless nuggets of information?

Over-Deliver the Brief

What separates an average blog from an oh-my-god-this-is-amazing-info one is when a writer goes above and beyond to deliver helpful information. This not only involves spending more time researching a story idea, but it also includes providing information in a way your customers can easily consume.

For example, the next time you pen a blog, include a handy-dandy infographic with it. Or an explainer video.

Another great example is to give them more information. Let’s say you’re writing about five popular haircuts for the fall. How about including a list of local hairdressers that specialize in giving these haircuts? Or which haircut suits a particular face type? Or even advice on what outfits will pair well with each of them?

Use All Five Senses

Customers rarely chose one product over another for rational reasons. A woman might choose one shampoo over another because it’s what her friend recommended, not because it’s cheaper than the one she’s used before.

An important content writing advice is to use all five senses. Don’t tell customers that this soap moisturizes your skin. Use all the sense of smell and touch to help them picture what it would be like to use that soap.

Always use at least one of five senses. And, of course, appeal to your readers’ emotions.

Don’t Repeat Yourself

Don’t you just hate it when someone keeps reminding you a million times to do something? How would you feel if someone told you to wash the dishes several times in one day? You’d be annoyed and even a little angry at them, right?

Now think about how your readers will feel if you keep harping about the same thing again and again.

Say one point once and then let it go. We know this produce is awesome, there’s no need to keep saying it. Show it, if you must. But just say it once.

Avoid Weak Adjectives

Novice and experienced writers can make use of this worthwhile content writing advice: Avoid using weak adjectives (and weak verbs). Describe nouns and pronouns with powerful adjectives. It makes your writing compelling.

Let’s look at some examples:

  1. She looked very lovely on the dance floor – She looked gorgeous on the dance floor

  2. Her writing is really bad – Her writing is terrible

  3. That monster was so big – That monster was huge

  4. She was very sad today – She was depressed today

  5. My mom makes a very yummy chocolate cake – My mom makes a delectable chocolate cake

Don’t Overwrite

Many writers are found guilty of using too many words to make a single point. This happens when you have too little information.

Which is better?

This concisely written blog highlights a number of ways you can dramatically improve your writing skills and acquire higher paying and better customers in the long run.

Here are five practical ways to attract higher paying customers.

The second one is easier to read. Remember that your reader is important. Content writing entails putting information in bite-sized paragraphs in simple English. There’s no need to show off.

Use the above content writing advice to enhance your writing, attract readers and ensure that loyal customers keep visiting your website.