Easy Social Media Marketing Guidelines to Help You Overcome Your Small Business’ Competition

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  1. Be more than just a provider

Small businesses often wonder how to sell their products or services at higher prices than larger corporations provide. The answer lies in gaining your customers’ trust. People are more likely to buy from a friendly figure, even if they have to pay higher prices. Respond to every feedback and every “Like” you receive in a timely manner, show your appreciation and support and you will be seen as a friend rather than just an indifferent provider.

  1. Establish your company’s credibility

The days when a business’ credibility was built by spending loads of money on advertising are long gone. Nowadays people look at how many Facebook “Likes”, Twitter retweets or Google +1’s  your company has to realize how reliable your services or products are. By getting a lot of positive interaction from satisfied customers through your social media environment, your business will attract the attention of others interested in what you have to offer, thus generating leads and customers.

  1. Team up with complementary companies

Getting one new customer is amazing, but finding a partner who sends you ten is that much better. One of the most useful aspects of an easy social media marketing strategy is the opportunity to find and engage companies offering complementary products or services to your own. Make them a mutually beneficial offer and you could develop a long-lasting and very rewarding partnership.

  1. Listen and learn from your audience

Many companies, including your some of your competitors, still spend staggering amount of money on testers and think tanks in order to develop new, satisfactory products. Using social media marketing you can cut down on those costs, by simply asking your customers to provide feedback on existing products or on new ideas you present them with. Pay close attention to their input and you will know exactly which steps to take to meet their needs in developing new offers or optimizing existing ones.

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