Easy Social Marketing Expert Tips: Advantages in Using Social Media for B2B and B2C Companies

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B2B Advantages

With professional social sites such as LinkedIn, easy social marketing potential is only limited by the amount of effort you put into it, but this doesn’t imply that you should disregard other industry giants such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, as these too provide endless possibilities.

  1. Extend relationship and brand building

Building relationships is vital for B2B companies’ sales efforts and social media presents a new set of opportunities for reaching and engaging customers and leads while increasing your brand awareness too.

  1. Access to professional communities

Through social media you can build and access already existing professional communities focused on sharing knowledge, solving problems and overcome challenges, thus increasing your business image and encouraging third-party referrals.

  1. Increase Word-of-Mouth

B2B customers’ buying decisions are greatly influenced by third-party feedback and through social media you can attract brand advocates who help spread positive mentions of your business.

  1. Make offerings easier to digest

B2B products and services often require customer training both before and after the actual purchase. Social media makes teaching customers easier than ever before, by allowing them to access valuable text, video and slide training materials.

B2C Advantages

Advantages for B2C easy social marketing are even more obvious and are limited solely by your imagination and flexibility.

  1. Engage and attract prospects

With hundreds of millions of people online, sharing and spreading the word about what they like, all you have to do is find the places your customers and prospects gather, present your offers in an attracting manner and word of mouth will do its magic for you.

  1. Business reputation management

Constantly engaging your customers and taking part in their conversations allows you to identify and defuse escalating problems before they had a chance to spread and get out of hand, leaving behind a spotless brand image.

  1. Real-time research

People always discuss what a product is, could be and what they wish it to be, so all you need to do to create products that meet and exceed their expectations is listen and learn from what they say on social sites and adjust accordingly.

Whether you own a B2B or a B2C company, easy social marketing is the future.

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