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New And Personalized Content Writing Tips For The 2017 Copywriter

The Internet is peppered with blogs providing online writing tips to professional writers. Some are generic – write in bullet points or think of a catchy headline – while others are more personalized such as write in your own unique voice or infuse your copy with your personality. But what specific and tried and tested tips can be used in 2017? What new online writing tips are out there that promise to convert dull and boring copy into a powerful and compelling one?

In short: What tips and tricks ensure that your content is not just read by your target audience but also makes them buy a product or service? After all, almost 90% of the content writers pen are aimed at selling something.

The good news is that we’ve compiled a list of helpful online writing tips that has given us the intended results. Here’s what our esteemed team of writers found out:

Make ‘Em Laugh

Have a witty sense of humor? Use it while crafting your content. Share funny anecdotes or infuse your blogs with a layer of lightheartedness. It not only keeps your readers interested in what you have to say but it also builds a connection with them.

Crack jokes, use slang words if you think it will be well received by your target audience and reference pop culture terms wherever you can. As long as it feels natural, do it.

Show Don’t Tell

People are bored of words. Text is passé. 2017 is the year of visuals. Add images to your content. Better yet, create infographics instead of blogs. Seep your content with images, high-resolution pictures and videos. In the age of Instagram, everything you write should be accompanied with an image.

Also, don’t be afraid to use memes, GIFs, live videos, podcasts or other interactive content to reach your target audience. If you don’t experiment, you won’t know what works with your readers, right?

It’s Time To Shock and Awe in 2017

2017 was the year of controversies. Don’t be afraid to put up a controversial post once in a while to attract customers. Everyone loves to give them opinion on a controversial topic. It gets ‘em talking. Your readers might not agree with your point of view but they’ll respect you for having an opinion.

Shocking your customers is perhaps one of the most useful online writing tips provided by content marketers in 2017.

Customize Your CTAs and Offers. And Make Them Urgent.

Use a standard “click now” CTA or call to action is certainly going to induce a yawn in even the most attentive readers.

It’s archaic.

Instead, customize your CTAs and be sure to create a sense of urgency by making it a time-sensitive offer. You can even make it appear that it’s a limited offer. Just make your audience feel like they must act now because if they feel the offer is around forever, they won’t act on it after they’ve read the text. In fact, they’ll most likely forget about it.

Use “Get 20% off if you buy it NOW” or “Last few seats left to sign up for this seminar!” or even “Offer expires at midnight” over “Click here for a free trial.”

Appeal to Their Emotions

Using logic to appeal to your readers to buy a product is awesome. But you know what’s better? Appealing to their emotions. Yup, human beings are emotional. In the end, what makes them buy something isn’t just to fulfil a rational need. It’s to fulfil an emotional need.

Tell stories. Use the 5 senses. We’re all emotional fools.

Content writing is all about getting creative now.  Try different online writing tips and tricks and see what works for your audience. Blogging is a lot like jogging: The more you practice it, the better you get at it. So jog away!

Looking for more tips? Contact us for a glimpse at our newly published: How to Become an Insanely Good Writer guide. If you want to learn from the best and become a professional online writer this is exactly what you will need to succeed.