Crucial Tips You Need to Follow If You Want to Write Efficient Business Blog Posts

Everyone today has access to social media and blog making tools. So, making your business blog popular and generating leads out of it will be no easy task. Luckily for you, with Fast and Easy Social Marketing you have automated posts and blogging support.

But, to supplement your campaign, you need to regularly post your own blog entries. Here are a few tips that can help you

  1. Speak in an authentic voice

The readers will not stick to your posts if you are trying to replicate other blogs you have seen online. So, a good idea would be to research blogs that come from the same industry as you, look at what they have to say and then forget everything about them. Sit back and relax. How can you find your own voice? Think about things that are unspoken of in your industry, or that other people are afraid to share. Offer insight into controversial matters, give tips and speak in a friendly voice to your potential customers. They will appreciate an industry professional who is open and genuine more than one that has tens of years of professional activity but keeps a condescending tone in his posts. Express your thoughts in a friendly, approachable manner; don’t keep yourself from showing your feelings and expressing an opinion on a particular subject. And if you have developed a particular style, make sure this becomes your blogging signature. You will be surprised many people will return to your blog for that- more than anything else.

  1. Find a way inside your clients’ minds

Imagine blogging a bit like delivering public speeches. You really don’t want your listeners to fall asleep in their chairs. Have you ever been annoyed by those motivational speakers that deliver the same speech, without adapting it to their public? Well, you really don’t want to be one of those. Every time you decide on a particular topic for a blog entry, take a moment to consider your potential readers. Are you addressing clients who want to know more about a certain product? Are you looking to give insight for business start-ups  or are you addressing business clients that need to know how to make use of your services?

  1. Make sure you ask for clients’ feedback

The key to being a successful blogger is not being afraid of comments. Being open about client suggestions can show you how customers view your products and services. A good idea would be to ask your blog readers what they would like to read about. Then try to cover those topics, provided they are of interest for your industry. The best way to build an audience is to engage with them, show them you value their opinions and suggestions, and maybe even their complaints.

  1. Don’t make offensive or publicly risky remarks

Finding your own voice to speak to your customers doesn’t mean you should try to be extreme. It is so easy to offend people with comments that are not much thought about. When you receive bad comments or complaints, try not to get offensive about them. The big downside is that your clients will lose their esteem for you. Remain polite and focused; don’t give in to your ego.

Whatever you choose to write about in your blog posts, remember to always show you’re having fun. This will show in your posts and your readers will see that. No one wants to read a voice that is bored.  People will find it easier to connect to someone who can prove not only a reliable professional in a particular area of expertise but also an open, optimistic human being.