Content Writing in 2019: What Trends to Watch Out For

Content writers produce intelligent prose for various reasons: to sell a product, introduce a business, push search engine rankings, and many others.

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, however, content writers have to stay updated on upcoming and currently relevant trends. There will always be a need for them to understand how their audience discover, consume, and react to certain types of content. Knowledge of imminent trends helps content writers to stay ahead, whether by polishing up on new sets of skills or gaining new perspectives that shape and inform the way they produce content.

In this blog we discuss some of the trends expected to dominate in 2019. If you’re a content writer, the following trends can help you evaluate your competencies and see where your present skills fit in the coming year’s digital marketing milieu.

The Continued Rise of Voice Search

The popularity of smart speakers has spawned a generation of folks speaking into a device and expecting quick, intelligent answers to their search queries. Voice search integration is already a staple with search engines like Google. Gone are the days when people had no other option except to type their requests on a search bar. In fact, ComScore predicts that 50% of all search queries will be done through voice by 2020.

This necessitates web content that is written for listeners, and not just readers. When done through smart speakers, searches are usually uttered through a command, not typed keywords or key phrases.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Many smart speakers are outfitted with artificial intelligence systems, making them highly reliable even for those who are averse to technology or are looking for quick, accurate responses. Many websites, moreover, are relying on chatbots as the initial face of their business and foregoing the need for actual customer representatives.

There is a need, therefore, for content that serves to carry and continue a conversation. For example, keywords have to be tailored to voice search or to business chat queries and responses. Moreover, AI has to mimic the sound and feel of a human voice, making it vital for content writers to produce scripts that are engaging, witty, and helpful.

Video Marketing to Boost Online Traffic

In 2018, videos became hugely instrumental in driving traffic to web pages. This trend is expected to continue well into 2019, for which 80% of web traffic during the year will be brought about by video views as forecasted by the Washington Post. Content writers will do well to add video marketing script writing proficiencies into their skills arsenal. Live videos will be broadcasted more frequently as well, which means a growing number of businesses will possibly be adding this functionality into their press releases and website content.

Social Media Relevance and Third-Party Integration

In 2019, Facebook will continue to evolve and stay relevant, while Instagram will attract younger audiences. With more businesses establishing a solid social media footing in the coming year, content writers should be alert with writing shorter posts while targeting the right keywords or key phrases.

Facebook has also proven effective for B2B marketing, according to keynote speaker and digital marketer Brian Carter. This positive result could cement Facebook as an essential platform when marketing to companies. In the coming year, too, CEOs are forecasted to be more visible on social media. This move is primarily done to deliver information straight to audiences at a time when there is growing distrust on the media.

Reliable, Not Intrusive, Ads

The trend in advertising is veering away from in-your-face ads that disrupt user experience. Instead, advertisements are seen to come from trusted sources or actual users of products, which has given rise to the popularity of influencers. While this has seen emergence in recent years, especially in 2018, it is predicted to continue in the coming year.

Rather than pouring all their marketing budgets into traditional ads, businesses will be looking into publishing in editorial sites and putting out reviews. Content writing will cover not just SEO writing and crafting content for web pages, but also product reviews, product guides, and content for native advertising.

In a digital arena where trends can change in a snap, content writers need to go beyond just impeccable writing and persuasive skills.

What is more vital is that you attune your writing strategies to the evolutionary trends of the digital marketing field, thus expanding the reach of your content through the widest means possible.