Best 9 Places for Writers to Travel and Write

How can writers continue to be perpetually inspired?

Many writers find themselves struggling with the notorious writer’s block quite often. It is a fact, in order to first write about life, you must first live it!

Locking ourselves in dark rooms, in front of the computer might have its allure but it certainly won’t offer the constant inflow of inspiration we need to stay influential and inspired.

Some might start exploring various cafes to spend their writing days, while others take on traveling!

This article is about traveling, its benefits and ways to do it on a writer’s budget.

How Will Travel Help Your Work

For writers expanding their worldview is essential. Writers have many motivators, but in the core, we see the same principles. Writers are here to express life, to persuade through writing and to take their readers on unforgettable literary journeys.

Although the benefits of travel do not need to be defined, just in case you need a few reasons to begin considering this we got you covered.

Traveling will:

  1. Inspire you to write fiction or nonfiction

  2. Offer you the opportunity to work for travel publications and clients

  3. Keep life interesting and provide you an endless well of ideas

  4. Inject authenticity in your plots and characters

  5. Make you a better storyteller

Ask any writer and their ideal life is one of travel and writing.

How do some of them make it happen?

What are some of the best writing destinations around the world?

Destination #1: Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Poets and writers have always been inspired by the melancholic undertones of the local culture. Buenos Aires has an air of poetry flowing through it. It is a great destination if you are working on a romance or poetry.

Destination #2: Cross-country US Road trip (USA)

This great adventure requires dedication. Perhaps a good way to look at this would be a cross-country US Road trip to develop the next great American Novel! This is

not just for writers, but rather a rite of passage for most people. The variety and complexity of some of the characters you meet along the way can provide you enough material for years.

Destination #3: France

Beyond the great wine and the picturesque coffee houses, the french people are incredible conversationalists, ready to inspire and entertain you. Whether you want to try your ‘food critic’ skills, write romance, suspense or even comedy, France is a priority destination for most writers.

Destination #4: Kyoto (Japan)

The closest you can get to a ‘magical’ setting, Kyoto is overflowing with mysticism, spirituality, and history. Endless gardens and temples can wake up even the most idlest of minds.

Destination #5: Cyprus

Cyprus has 10 000 years of history and civilization, ready to be discovered and interpreted by you. It houses the last divided city in the world, and writers can walk through old towns and meet characters from all over the region. Cyprus is the melting pot of the Middle East, although it is now part of the EU. If you are looking for a serene beach location, Cyprus has you covered.

Destination #6: New York (USA)

New York is a must destination for most writers. Its incredible landscape, diverse cultures and never-ending ‘action’ can make anyone feel at home and alive! New York is not just a city, it is an idea, it is a dream, and it is a projection of fantasies. The iconic city will offer anyone looking for inspiration an endless supply of people-watching and incredible conversations with strangers.

Destination #7: Ireland

Ireland offers unique writer’s tours. If you are looking for inspiration this is perhaps your best shot to immerse yourself back into the writer’s magic and create some of your best work. There are writer’s retreats and pilgrimages, where you can dive in the land of myth and mystery. A strong bonus point is the opportunity to meet other writers and connect with like-minded people.

Destination #8: Vietnam

Are you looking for a combination of relaxing and thrilling adventures?

Vietnam might be your best fit. This small tropical country will transform your mind and elevate your imagination to new highs. There is an air of mysticism as with most Asian cultures. Vietnam attracts visitors from all over the world, so you are likely to cross paths with many interesting travelers. Your trip to Vietnam will be a book on its own!

Destination #9: Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Ljubljana is green and mystical. Rivers and bridges lead to marketplaces full of fresh produce and hand-crafted ornaments and household items. There are thousands of events happening year-round. Ljubljana has a gothic feel with statues of Dragons around every corner. A perfect destination for writers looking to write mystery and suspense.

How to Travel and Write on a Budget

A lot of writers face years of struggling before they can reach a comfortable income level. Which brings us to this next point.

Sure, everyone wants to travel, but isn’t that expensive?

Travel does not need to break the bank.

Here are some tips to jump-start your adventure:

  1. Look for offseason tickets

  2. Stay at Airbnb or do apartment swapping

  3. Save your miles right from the first trip and before you know it you will be able to cash in for a free destination

  4. Choose inexpensive destinations. For the most part, our list is not going to break your bank. Sure New York is pricey but you can save that one for when you have enough miles to cash in!

  5. Check out websites that allow you to find a place for free if you are willing to put in a few hours of work daily for the landlord.

If you have already experienced some of the places on our list comment and share details with us!