Be a Hypnotic Writer: What Words and Techniques to Use to Seduce Your Reader

You work hard to share your best tips. You spend hours editing and polishing your posts, not to mention wracking your brain for the perfect headline.

You take the time to promote your blogs on social media, build an email list, and write guest posts. But your hard work isn’t paying off, is it? You want more comments, shares, and engagement.

However, you can’t possibly work any harder. There is a smarter way, though, to engage your existing audience and entice them to start commenting and sharing.

Here’s the secret: readers want to be seduced. That means every headline, every paragraph, and every sentence needs to be irresistible.

8 Ways to Start Seducing Your Readers Right Now

  1. Get into Your Reader’s Head

What conversations are going on in your reader’s head? One of the best ways to have a meaningful conversation is to use the phrases your reader does; those are the magic words that will make your reader feel understood. When you empathize with a reader’s feeling, you get him to feel special and like the post was written just for him.

  1. Talk to Your Reader

You know when you speak to your best friends they listen, ask questions, and you can share a laugh? You can do the same thing with your readers by starting a conversation with them. It’s easy, too, simply use the word “you” and ask your readers questions.

  1. Tell a Story

Often, it’s the small stories we share with our friends that make conversing enjoyable, the ones about the little topics. You don’t always talk about your specialty areas, and if your blog only discusses your niche expertise, you come across as one-dimensional. Share tidbits about your personal life or interests, and you will instantly be more attractive to your readers.

Analogies and metaphors spice up your writing and can be drawn from your personal experience.

  1. Comforting Words

Put your arm around your reader’s shoulders and reassure him with phrases like, “it happens to us all,” or “we’ve been there.” It makes your reader feel validated.

  1. Get Readers Fired Up

When you talk to someone in person, you use body language and tone to express yourself. You can gesture, whisper, shout, grin, wink, and more. In your blog post, you only have words, so you need to turn up the passion and use powerful words, such as:

  1. Gorgeous, instead of beautiful

  2. Spine-tingling scary instead of frightening

  3. Over the moon instead of happy

  4. Show Vulnerability

Nobody’s perfect, are they? Of course not. When you share your fears, worries, and weaknesses, you are in a better position to connect with readers because you become human to them.

  1. Create a Happy Picture

Readers won’t make an effort to read your posts, so you need to entice them. Sketch a happy picture right from your opening. Let them know you have a trick to make their life happier and enriched.

  1. Leave Them Wanting More

Most of us remember a few lines from a song, a nursery rhyme or even dialogue from our favorite movie. All of these phrases have something in common – they use poetic techniques like rhyming and repetition to make the words smoother, and more memorable.

If you want your readers to remember your words, borrow from poets. Those are the words that are going to linger and get your readers coming back for more poetic seduction.

Ready to Seduce Your Blog Audience?

Blogging is not one-way communication; you need to be able to start a conversation by luring your readers in and listening when they talk.

Take the time to get to know your readers and their frustrations. Treat them as well as you would your best friend and help them overcome their fears.

Light the candles, turn on the music, and pour the champagne. It’s time to sweep your readers off their feet.

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