Are You Ready to Launch Your Blog? 7 Things You Need to Know to Do it Right

You know you have been thinking about it for a while, right? A blog, your chance to be heard and validated by your own personal audience.

An opportunity to be an influencer and express yourself, hopefully helping others on the way.

Or, you might already have a blog, and it is proving to be much harder than you originally thought.

  1. How can you possibly find all these new content daily?

  2. Do people care about your opinions and ideas?

  3. Why isn’t anyone sharing your articles?

Frankly, launching your blog is a scary thing. Not life or death scary, but it is scary when you are exposing your ideas and feelings to the world.

But perhaps the scariest part of it all is thinking that you do not know what you are doing. In reality, there is no way you will know everything you need upfront.

You might start your blog with a few wonderful techniques in place, but you will always feel that there is some deep important secret everyone else knows but you.

Here is the deal, there is no secret.

There is just a lot of little things you will discover on the way. In this article, we will cover some tips for writers in 2020 that are good to know before even getting started.

Remember there are many ways to make a cake. And all these ways can result in an amazingly delicious cake!

Same rules apply for a blog.

1. Learn SEO

The king of the tips for writers in 2020 is to finally learn and master SEO.

Releasing article after article and not seeing the kind of traffic you were hoping for is a clear sign that something is out of place.

Although many things have to come together for your blog to fly, SEO is the first and foremost tip you need to conquer.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a term that is comprised of a variety of tricks you need to learn about Search Engines such as Google.

Proper SEO will push your blog higher in ranking and you will be easier to find organically.

Unless you have thousands to pay for advertising, you have to understand and implement SEO techniques to get the traffic you deserve.

2. Use Your Social Media

Ok, so SEO is really important.

But SEO is an organic process, which is free. This means that it will take time for Search Engines to find you, and begin sending you substantial traffic. Any ‘hacks’ you might attempt might end up penalizing your blog.

So let’s discuss our second tip for writers in 2020.

Your social media already has an audience. Whether it is a lot of people or just your small list of close friends, it is an existing audience.

Focus on growing your social media.

  1. Share your articles on your existing profiles

  2. Create new pages on all social media platforms that represent your blog

  3. Run small sponsor ads to begin getting page likes

  4. Once a month do a small competition for likes and shares and give away something cool. Once your audience starts getting bigger you might even get companies to give you freebies to give away.

  5. Be patient, I can’t stress this enough. Most bloggers fail because they give up, not because they do not have an audience.

  6. Be consistent and publish on schedule. Otherwise, all these social media algorithms will stop prioritizing your posts and you won’t appear on people’s feeds.

3. Get Access to Online Tools

A blog is a one-man show. But you can make it appear like a 100-man show.

There are many amazing tools you can utilize to create posts, video, infographics, and even content.

Find tools to create:

  1. Posts

  2. Videos

  3. Surveys

  4. Chatbots (so your social media has a quick response time for when you are not available).

Remember that Buzzsumo (to get your SEO in place) is free.

There are a few things you might have to pay for, but for the most part you just need to dedicate time and you can create a lot of magic for free.

4. Offer Something to Your Readers

Your content is amazing and it should be reason enough to bring you thousands of readers.

But we do live in a world run by consumers. So begin planning accordingly.

At the beginning, you will not have enough readers to score freebies to give way. But if you go to small local stores, perhaps a small bakery or a clothing boutique you can make this happen.

You can even see if any of your friends and family want to give something away through your blog. Let’s say you scored a free blouse, which has a retail value of $50. If you have $10 to spare, make a sponsored post of like and share and win! They still work. People will always love a FREE deal.

5. Be Professional

We are all worried about landing on unsecured websites, accidentally getting a virus and completely losing all data from our computers.

Make sure you offer your audience a secure online experience.

  1. Obtain your SSL certificate

  2. Update any security settings for any plugins you are using

  3. Choose a good hosting service

  4. Enable two-factor authentication (when applicable, for example when you are requesting information from your users)

  5. Learn about technology as much as you can and check your settings often.

6. Mix it Up

Do not post daily about your emotions and ideas. Although that part of your blog is extremely important because it deals with you, and you are the reason why people choose to read your blog, it can get predictable and boring.

  1. Use video to make a point

  2. Publish an interview

  3. Do surveys

  4. Reach out to your audience and offer them the opportunity to publish on your blog

  5. Use only pictures to tell a story.

The ideas are many. The point is to get creative! Keep your audience guessing!

7. Clean Up And Update

Once you accumulate a lot of content you will have to do some auditing.

Check and see which blog posts didn’t get you any positive results, and do not be afraid to delete them.

Also, if something is now outdated and irrelevant, delete it.

For the rest, see if you can update them to include new information.

Google will reward you for keeping your blog clean and updated.

Start with these tips for writers in 2020 and you will be well on your way to run a successful blog.

Remember that you need to continue learning and reading.

Technology is alive and is evolving in front of us!