Are You a Writer Expert or an Expert Writer? What’s the Difference and What is Best?

Are you a writer expert or an expert writer?

The sentence is fun to say.

At first glance, an expert writer and a writer expert appears to be the same thing, right?

They are both writers, right!

But they work very differently, but they are both experts in what they do. They are both professionals, and their mission is to communicate your message and offer value to the reader. But they are also different.

Can you already guess the difference?

If you are a writer, which category do you fall into?

And if you are a business, which of the two should you be looking to hire?

What is an Expert Writer?

In simple terms, an expert writer is someone who is focused on a niche. A writer expert is deeply knowledgeable on the particular subject matter.

Writer experts, most of the time, find themselves in their writing careers very organically.

For example, they work for a particular industry for a few years; they develop inside knowledge, and eventually, they find themselves pulled into writing. Expert writers are quite often experts in their niche in other ways as well.

Let’s use the example of a professional chef who chooses to either retire and dedicate his time to writing, or he does some writing on the side. All his or her writing revolves around the restaurant industry and food. This is an expert writer.

Why Choose to Work With an Expert Writer?

If you are a business owner and you are looking to push out a significant amount of content to promote your brand, you are looking to hire an expert writer.

You can hire an expert writer to work full time for your brand or turn to a content agency and request an expert writer in your field.

An expert writer is preferred for businesses such as:

  1. Medical

  2. Financial

  3. Legal

  4. Sports

  5. Technical information (such as mechanical engineering, architecture,etc.)

The primary point you need to focus on here is that expert writers know the particular industry better than writer experts sometimes. They have previously worked in it, or they have been writing for it for several years.

The chef scenario we discussed above is generally the route for someone to become an expert writer. However, sometimes, you will have your writing expert who has been recruited to write about a very niche subject. As time goes by, they develop expertise due to the massive amount of research they have performed in the field.

Look for an expert writer if you are looking to push out content that involves complex medical advice and other medical information. Look for an expert writer if you are advising people on tax issues and other financial related material.

These niches require credibility, and pushing out the wrong content can harm or destroy your brand.

One last example of this category is the investment industry. Many times they require writers who have passed specific exams, like the CFT (Certificate of Financial Technician), which allows an individual to make investment suggestions.

As a writer, if you ever go out and try to pitch a non-fiction book to a publisher, the first question you will get is, “why are you the best person to write about this?”.

The answer needs to be backed by documentation that you are an expert in the subject matter. Otherwise, readers won’t care about your opinion or advice.

What is a Writer Expert?

Now that we have defined what an expert writer is, it is much easier to guess what is a writer expert, right?

A writer expert is someone who can write about several subjects. For the most part, these subjects do not require deep expertise or knowledge.

They are the guys who run blogs and opinion sides. They write commentary and how-to articles. They know how to research and morph their writing to fit many industries and niches.

Writing experts excel in their writing ability, as opposed to expert writers who excel in specific knowledge.

Yes, writer experts can be expert writers in a particular field.

Yes, expert writers can also be writer experts if they are exceptionally talented in researching and writing.

For example, someone who graduated from medical school can be an excellent expert writer for medical websites. This doesn’t mean that he or she can’t also write about fashion or other subjects.

On the other hand, a fashion writer won’t be able to enter the medical writing industry with some proof that he carries authority and credibility for the niche.

Why Choose to Work with A Writer Expert?

If you are a business who needs a variety of content and not laser-focused on a particular subject, or if you are a content agency, you want to get writer experts on board.

Writer experts are a gold mine of information. They can craft content on-demand in most subjects. Yes, they can also cover you if you need medical content and legal content, in some cases.

A writer expert is preferred for businesses such as:

  1. Entertainment

  2. Creative

  3. Opinion

  4. Parenting

  5. Education

  6. General research

  7. Marketing

  8. Sales

  9. Website content

  10. Social media

  11. Video

  12. Arts and crafts

  13. Food critics

Look for a writer expert if you are looking to push out a variety of content to keep your audience engaged. Writer experts understand SEO and other writing ‘tricks’ more than expert writers. They focus on producing content that not only offers value, but it performs as a strong marketing tool.

Writer experts tend to work for content agencies or work in a freelance mode.

One thing is for sure; content is a necessity in today’s world. It is the bridge between your audience and your products and services.

So whether you either need an expert writer or a writer expert.