A Writer’s Perspective: Writing Stories that Inspire and Enlighten

Our bigger sister site and blog recently published a parable on storytelling and the fate of content marketing in this fed-up-with-content internet world today. In reaction to that, we have put together a few thoughts about the art of storytelling today.

As a writer, you don’t always get to be a storyteller. Let’s face it. Most of us just write automatically things based on research they made online, to fulfill a client’s needs. To help them with their SEO results, to bring them forward in searches, to bring in more readers, more paying customers. When it comes to storytelling, though, there is need of more heart, more feeling, more thinking put in a piece. Even if it is still for a website, for a company, to help them sell.

If content isn’t really dead but revamped, then we must admit that the way online writing is done today has changed, has evolved. If you want, it has turned into something better, more constructive, more in line with what people want and need.

We are all fed up with all those articles telling us “how to” do anything. We still need those pieces, but at a deeper, more human level, we need to hear a story more. We want to be encouraged to think more, to create more, to add more meaning to our lives.

As writers, our skills should be put in service of this aim: to enlighten a world that is too busy, too stressed, too in a hurry. To take it from the darkest corners of self-sufficiency and bring it to the light of imagination and creation.

Here are a few thoughts on how to put together stories (even for brands and businesses) that can really make a difference.


Let us know your thoughts. How do you try to change the world with your stories?

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