A Content Writer is Like Fine Cheese!

Have you ever heard that quote by Billie Burke, “age is of no importance, unless you are a cheese?”

Cheese, just like wine, improves with time. And you know what? So does a content writer. I know this because I spend a great deal of time with content writing examples and being a freelance SEO content writer and I’ve seen my skills mature, just like a delicious piece of white cheddar.

Not only do I love being a web content writer, but I love cheese, too. So my tangent may escalate pretty quickly here. Stick with me!

Let’s take a look at why I think a content writer is like a fine piece of cheese.

Web Content Writers Can Be Like American Cheese

Who doesn’t love American cheese? It’s kind of predictable, always reliable and pretty easy going. A content writer can be like that. Stick with your favorite website content writers and you’ll know exactly what you’re in for when they publish their next piece of work: consistent, well researched, quality material.

SEO Content Writers and a Delightful Blue Cheese

Ah, my favorite! Blue cheese is versatile and mysterious. SEO content writers aren’t much different. They need to be versatile with the dynamics of the internet and Google’s ever-changing algorithms. But pair this kind of content writer with something a little creative, a little off beat and a little out of the box, and you’re in for a real treat. This is the kind of cheese, I mean writer, you want to experiment with. Give them the space to be creative, let them research your target audience and then give them the leeway to do what they do best. Their word, just like a delicious blue cheese, will melt in the mouth and leave a memorable after taste.

Cultured and Approachable – It’s the Mozzarella Writer

A content writer who is rather “mozzarella” is fantastically approachable. They’re ready and willing to help you with your content creation. They know how to do their research. They know how to create a voice for your brand. And they know how to use their words to turn leads into customers.

Website Content Writers and Swiss Cheese

I’m going to compare these writers to Laughing Cow cheese – not because they’re jesters. By no means. These writers, just like a delectable Swiss cheese, will sweep you off your feet in an instant with their remarkable professionalism, maturity and wordsmith charm. You may think of Swiss cheese as the underdog of the cheese world, but think again. Try an experienced freelance SEO content writer and you’ll quickly realize how unique they are.

A Cheeseboard of Awesomeness All Under One Umbrella

That’s a truly professional content writer for you. A versatile, talented and eager professional – just like an irresistible cheese board, and with just a possible hint of crackers!

If you’re looking for SEO content writers to develop tasty content for your business, get in touch with Iris Content today and have your pick of the top cheese!

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