8 Unbeatable Techniques that Will Help You Create Flawless Online Content

Content marketing experts keep telling us to write simple copy, not to use fancy words or show off our vocabulary. But when you sit down to write content that can easily be read by a 12-year-old, you realize the brutal truth: Writing simple copy isn’t easy at all. In fact, it’s downright difficult.

Content writing is very different from other forms of writing. It’s written for laymen. It’s skimmed and scanned by readers before being read. It’s concise. It’s clear. And most of all, it’s meant to sell something – a product, a service or a brand.

So, how do you create flawless online content? What magical and unique techniques do copywriters use that makes a video go viral, a blog reach a 100 social media shares in an hour or an article get 50 comments within an hour after it’s published? Well, we’ve compiled a super useful list of 8 unbeatable techniques from content marketing experts that will make any content click-worthy:

1.      Write in your Own Unique Voice

Web content is written by people for people. There are numerous blogs that provide the same information, and more or less, the same solutions to problems as your blog post, article or infographic. What makes your blog different from them?

The answer: Your voice.

Your ultimate goal should be to write like you’re talking to a friend. Your voice should be unique and, most of all, have a generous dollop of your personality.

2.      Have a Unique Angle

Ok, remember how I mentioned that there are several blogs like yours? Apart from using your voice to stand out from the clutter, it’s essential to add your own unique angle or take to a topic. If you’re just repeating what other people are saying, then why should a reader bother to read your content? The point is to add to the existing conversation.

Content marketing experts suggest finding a trending topic and putting your own spin to it.

3.      Important Information Should Come First

Take a page from journalists and use the inverted pyramid way of writing. The most important or newsworthy information should be put first before getting into the details of your topic or providing ample information. The first paragraph is the one that will be read by everyone who visits your webpage.

4.      Use Bullet Points, Short Paragraphs and Small Sentences

Readers scan and skim text before deciding to read it so use bullet points, make paragraphs short with just four sentences and don’t use more than 25 words per sentence.

Moreover, avoid using fancy words, – we’re not here to win any writing awards – cut down on unnecessary words and make your content easy to read.

5.      Let the Headline Pop

Here’s something all content marketing experts agree on: Headlines maketh or breaketh content. Spend as much time on crafting an attention-grabbing headline as you did creating content. It needs to not only communicate what your blog is about, but it also needs to connect with your readers.

6.      Add Eye-Catching Images, Graphics and Design

People are bored of text. In fact, most people only read content if the accompanying image, picture, graphic or design is visually appealing. As much as possible, convert text into images or pictures. Play with different font types and sizes to find the best one. Use bold, italics, highlights, CAPS and other myriad features to emphasize key points.

7.      Edit, Edit and Edit Some More

Do you just write your content and publish it without editing and proofreading it at least a couple of times? Big mistake. Half of a web content writer’s job is editing, proofreading and eliminating irrelevant words before making it live. Some of the best content marketing experts like Neil Patel advises writers to review their work several times.

8.      End with a Bang

Content writing is all about making a grand entrance and exit. Don’t fizzle out like a newly opened bottle of coke. Summarize your main points and provide some concluding remarks.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – 8 techniques that will help you create awesome online content. Use your voice, give a topic a unique spin, put information in short paragraphs, write your most important information first, spend time on your headline, add images and edit your content before publishing it. The bottom line is to keep writing and finding what works for you. Perseverance, discipline, patience and a commitment to learn new things everyday will make you an extraordinary writer!