7+ Ways to Promote Your Book in 2020

If you have finished writing a book you deserve an award. It is not an easy feat, and unfortunately, the struggle does not end here. You have either decided to self-publish, or you were picked up from a publisher.

Either way, you will have to be personally involved in promoting your book.

Publishers generally do not promote books. They publish your book and place it in selected bookstores. In some rare cases, depending on the publisher, you might get a small promotional package as well in the deal.

However, since most writers these days self-publish, this article is a quick guide with several tips for writers in 2020 who are about to embark on a wild adventure of promoting their book!

1. The Unavoidable Social Media Path

There is no way around it. You need to push your book on social media. Begin preparing a devoted page for your book (s). Start collecting followers and likes, and engage that audience in the process. Ask questions, give hints, ask for suggestions and build up the anticipation.

At the same time join a lot of writers’ groups and engage other authors in the process. A lot of groups allow promotions of books.

You might even want to save a bit of cash and sponsor an ad.

2. Make a Book Trailer

You do not need actors or a huge budget. There are dozens of video editing software that you can learn how to use to save money.

Use this trailer on all your social media to create awareness of your book. Remember it can take many impressions before a potential client turns into a paying client.

You cannot ignore that 85% of social media users engage with video daily, while 87% of professional marketers use video as a powerful marketing tool.

3. Release a Press Release

Press releases give you instant exposure. They will boost any marketing plan you already have in motion, while at the same time help you brand yourself as an expert (in the subject of your choice).

Press releases are connected with authority and credibility and help people make a buying decision.

You can use services such as PRWeb to spread the news in hundreds of sites instantly! Many PR sites that will get the job done right for you.

4. Use Goodreads Giveaway

When someone enters a Goodreads Giveaway contest, the book is automatically added to their Want-to-Read list, which is promoted through updates on their friends’ feeds. This is a highly effective way to build an audience around your title. Their website is ranked #311 globally.

Imagine the exposure your book will have!

To enter your book in a giveaway is simple. Just visit the website, click ‘giveaways’ and then ‘enter’. Place all the book information that is requested, including how many copies you are willing to give away.

Word of caution, the people who use Goodreads tend to be a little harsher on their reviews, so prepare yourself just in case.

5. Live Presentations

Join the world of book readings!

See if you can do a reading in your local bookstore (after you broker the deal to place your book there of course). Visit schools if you write children’s books for example.

Find where your audience is and go there. Combine this opportunity to offer value to your potential audience.

For example, if your book is about how you overcame an unfortunate situation, your event should focus on your personal experience, and not the book. Mention that you decided to publish a book about your experience at the end, and make sure you have some copies at the event to sell.

People are usually very excited to meet the authors!

6. Influencers

Influencers are still one of the best tips for writers in 2020!

There are so many ways to collaborate with influencers. It highly depends on how many followers they have, and how much they love what you do.

A good idea is to begin building these relationships way before it is time to utilize them. Offer some of your time to engage with influencers in the book arena, and when you are ready, broker a deal with them to promote your book.

You can do a giveaway or pay them a fee. Some might even do it for free.

Yes, a lot of people assume influencers always want to get paid, but there are many micro- influencers out there looking for content and prizes to offer to their followers.

This is a great technique used by many startups that are bootstrapping!

7. Do Not Forget Reddit and Quora

When we think about social media we think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Wechat, etc.

A good approach to promote your book is to start a discussion thread on Reddit and Quora. Both these websites make it on the list of the most popular websites globally.

The key to using these two platforms is to engage with people. Do not just pitch your book and disappear.

List of Additional Tips for Writers in 2020 to Promote their Books

  1. Radio shows

  2. Engage with your first buyers and make sure they leave a review of your book

  3. Build a website dedicated to your book(s)

  4. Start your own if you can, while at the same time be a guest on as many podcasts as you can

  5. Run a charity event and offer all proceeds from that day or week to a cause

  6. Get your book translated to another major language (widening your potential customer base)

  7. Hire people from Fiverr to promote your book on various sides

  8. Spend at least a couple of hours a day on discussion forums leaving comments and connecting with people

  9. Run non-traditional type of competitions where you, the author, will be taking to dinner the winner to discuss the book (you might want to keep this one local unless you have the budget to fly anywhere)

  10. Book Festivals

  11. Craft Fairs

  12. Conferences.

There is a lot of food for thought and action in this article, but perhaps the best tip for writers in 2020 is to begin engaging and building an audience early on.

Involve your potential readers in the writing process for a ‘louder’ launch!